Part 10 – You’re So Darn Enchanting

Enchantments–much like Potions, I feel–are also sort of useless. In fact, I’d even say enchantments are MORE useless than potions, because at least some of the potions are useful, if not all that useful. Enchantments are basically what they sound like, if you’ve ever read Harry Potter or some sort of wizard and fantasy thing; they just give your item an ability or additional abilities. Pretty simple.

Now, as far as I know, there’s only one method of enchanting something on the Xbox 360 version–which is really what this walkthrough is for, though I hope it works for the PC version as well and that’s by using an enchanting table and your experience points, which I covered in the previous installment of this walkthrough. Your level cost influences the type of enchantments that are placed upon your item, so it’s better to do it with a higher level, but this is where I first had my annoyance towards enchantments.

Enchanting would be a great tool in the game–just as Potions would be if they were so darn time consuming to create–if you KNEW WHAT YOU WERE ENCHANTING. See, the names of the enchantments don’t even matter, you have NO CHOICE in what the enchantment is or what it does. It may be this way on purpose due to a theory of “this is a man first discovering magic, and thus it’s all random”, which makes sense, but doesn’t suck any less. It just seems odd; why make something that could help your player but not give them any options over the thing they’re doing, especially if they have to go through the trouble of building an enchanting table to begin with?

Maybe this only bothers me, I don’t know, but it certainly keeps me from ever wanting to use enchantments.

However, the second half of this problem is even worse. Not only can you not choose the enchantment as they’re all random and you can’t read what they say, but on top of THAT…I’ve only gotten enchantments that are bad for me and my items. That’s right. Randomized terror that you basically inflict upon yourself? Am I making enchanting sound appealing yet? I doubt it. Now, I believe this is only an issue on the 360 version, but it’s still a BIG issue. And perhaps they have updated it since the latest add on, but I wouldn’t know, as I was so annoyed at it from the first time I tried, I never tried it again.

But that isn’t to say they aren’t without their merits. Much like potions, enchantments have their uses, especially if you get a good one, such as Blast Protection on your armor which protects against explosion damage and reduces explosion recoil which will help against creepers. Or even Fire Aspect on your sword, which lights the target on fire. But, these also have maximum levels, such as Fire Aspect, which can only reach level 2, or maybe Efficiency on your tools, which grants you faster resource gathering while in use and can be leveled all the way up to level 5. But, I got an enchantment–just by picking one at random because as I said you can’t read the gibberish says–that made my sword hurt me if I used it, so use these at your own expense.

So to first even get to the enchantments, you’re going to need to build an enchantment table. You will know when something is enchanted because the icons of the enchanted items will have a purple luminescence. The table will enchant basically anything from books, to weapons, to tools, to armor. Also, a little hint, having bookshelves near an enchantment table will increase the potency of enchantments. An enchantment table is made by having the following items:

  • A book
  • 2 diamonds
  • 4 blocks of Obsidian

You should already have the Obsidian and Diamonds, and a book can be obtained by breaking bookshelves either in villages or perhaps a library if you found a fortress/dungeon. If you cannot find a book, you can also make a book. To make a book, you will need 3 pieces of paper which you can get by crafting it from Sugar Cane, which you can EASILY find around the world. You will need 3 pieces of Sugar Cane to make 3 pieces of paper. Paper and books are extremely simple to make, so don’t worry that much. Now, take those items and go craft an enchanting table, and place it within your lair.

UPDATE: While doing some googling for something, I discovered there actually is an alphabet for the enchantments! You CAN in fact read the enchantments and know what it is that you’re using, so…just sort of kindly disregard everything I said above about not knowing what they say. I’m just stupid. Anyway, onwards.

I have included the alphabet in this photo.

Now that that’s been fixed and my stupidity has been retracted, I’m going to go ahead and actually praise enchantments. This has been one heck of an entry hasn’t it? Now that I’m aware that you can in fact read these and I’m just an idiot for thinking otherwise and never using google to prove myself wrong until now, I’m going to say these are in fact BETTER than potions because unlike potions, enchantments don’t take forever and a eternity to create. That’s my biggest gripe with potions is the time and effort that has to be put into them. It just isn’t efficient. If you want to experience the full game and everything that it has to offer or have the time or interest to do it, then sure potion making is kind of fun and interesting, but otherwise I’d just say “screw you” to potions and go right to enchantments.

Way better now that I know the problem laid in MY head and not the game itself.

Hear that, gaming community? The majority of time it’s the PLAYERS fault. Take whatever lesson from that you want.

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