Part 2 – Your First Night

So, now you’re ready to begin your journey.

You should’ve selected new world, and hit accept. Once the world loads, you’ll immediately notice that you have absolutely nothing. No tools, or equipment or food or ANYTHING. This game really doesn’t hold your hand, so you have to be sure you can do it all on your own (unless you play with a friend) and be ready to take on anything that comes your way. First thing is first: Get some wood.

Now, obviously, there are a MILLION ways this walkthrough could start. My first idea isn’t necessarily what someone else would pick, but let me tell you WHY I picked it. To me, wood is the most essential tool, usually because you spawn for the first time right next to a forest, or pretty darn close, and it’s just the easiest thing to do. Cobblestone requires some digging, and that’s not the first thing you want to jump into doing, just in case. You want to set up a base of operations as quickly as possible to make sure that when you finally ARE ready to dig, you are prepared.

So just run to a few trees and get as much wood as you think you might need or until you tire of it. Read the Mechanics section if you’re having trouble at this point. Once you’re done punching nature and show it who’s boss, next comes creating a home, and make it the smallest home you can. It’s not even really a home; think of it more like a hotel. This is just a starter kit. I’m basically giving this walkthrough the “how I play Minecraft” treatment. Don’t make the home too big, but big enough to put some essential things in it to start with like a furnace and a crafting table.

Door (wooden)
You can make the home just out of the wood you gathered, and don’t bother with a door right now. It’s easier to just surround yourself entirely, and then punch your way in and out than it is to waste time building a door, especially for a starter home. Once inside, you are going to need some very essential items. Now, do NOT go outside at night. Night is when all the monsters come out in large groups and WILL attack and kill you, especially because you have no real way to defend yourself. So, if it becomes nighttime, just go inside your little home and wait until the daytime comes back.

If–however–you DO finish the house before it’s nighttime, I highly suggest trying to make a bed. You’ll need some wood planks and some wool, which means you’ll have to find some sheep. You can easily get wooden planks using your inventory’s crafting menu, which you don’t need a crafting table for. Just put some wood into the crafting menu and keep making wood planks until you’ve got enough.

Crafting Table
But, before you go looking for wool, make some wooden planks and create a crafting table, because you DO need THAT to make a bed. So, build a crafting table from your mini crafting menu and then place it in your little home wherever.

Now that that’s done, just go and look for wool. Wool can usually only be found from sheep (and I say usually because I have found some in chests, but that’s underground most of the time) and that means you have to go find sheep. Now this varies from world to world. In my world, Matt & I never have problems finding coal, but we always hear OTHER people saying they can never find coal, so it just depends on how your world generated.

Sheep are usually found in the forests, with cows and other animals, so just run around until you find some. I really wouldn’t recommend running around at night right now, especially because without a bed you will always spawn in a random area, and it might make you lose track of where that house you built was, but it’s also not THAT big a deal right now because you don’t really HAVE anything outside the crafting table at the house, so just go find some sheep. Because you have no shears, you’re going to have to kill the sheep. It’s sad, I know, but just make believe they deserve it (maybe the sheep killed your father or something and now you’re exacting revenge) and get that wool.

Once you have that wool, you can head back to your home (MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT DIRECTION YOU RUN AWAY FROM IN, I’d recommend–and this is what I always do–making a tower tall enough to be visible from far away right next to your house so you can always find your way back) and use the crafting table to create a bed, using 3 wool and 3 wooden planks. Like the crafting table, place it wherever and then go to sleep. The bed has 2 purposes; it allows you to sleep through the night which is good because you can’t really do much else unless you’re underground without risking death and it also sets a spawn point, meaning that if you die AFTER sleeping in your bed, you will ALWAYS spawn in your bed, which is nice. BUT be careful, because if you break your bed and then don’t sleep in it again (say you just want to move it to the other side of your house, I don’t know) then it destroys your spawn point and you’re back to random spawning, which is NEVER good. So always be careful of that.

I usually (and recommend) doing it the way I’ve set it up here, just because it’s safer I think. BUT, if you want to do it the other way, feel free. Either way does honestly work, but I’d still recommend the way I gave you.

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