Part 4 – We’re Probably Going To Die

Now I get that you’re afraid. It’s ok. I am too. It’s spooky down here, and dark, and you’re never really certain just when you might get attacked by a vicious enemy and die a horrible, horrible death. So let’s be best friends and do this together, and it’ll be a lot better. Don’t worry, I’m here to get you through your first dig.

I HIGHLY recommend building in a slant downwards, making a staircase out of the cobblestone while you go, and when you think you’ve gone far enough down, to go either left or right (it doesn’t really matter) and to keep changing directions because you never know what you might find. However, be VERY careful that you do not get lost. In order to be safe about this, I recommend putting up torches on the wall as you go along the mine–almost like a breadcrumbs trail–to ensure that you CAN in fact find your way back to the surface.

When you reach the point you think is far enough down, and before you head in whatever direction you think is best to start in, I want you to make a small square hole in the wall that you can go inside of. Think of it as a cave. The reason I want you to do this is so that you don’t HAVE to go back to the surface, you just have to come back to this spot, and you should do this every so often, filling each of these caves with a few chests, a bed, a crafting table and a furnace. This is just going to make it easier on yourself. Right now, I just want you to make the wall indent and put some torches up; you can furnish it at a later date. I WOULD however, head back upstairs and make another bed and put it in the hole in the wall because of the spawn point it creates, but it’s not necessary.

Now that you have your hobo cave, let’s continue on our path of mining, shall we? Get a pickaxe out and head the way you think you want to go, and just start mining straight, unless you don’t hit anything, then change directions. This not only opens you up to entirely new parts of the mine (and sometimes really cool things like fortresses) but you also won’t get as bored as quickly. Now right now, we’re looking specifically for iron. If you find iron, MINE IT. Iron is probably the most essential and useful resource you’ll find next to coal. Just keep mining until you have a LOT of it, and make sure to watch your back while you do this so you don’t get killed and lose everything. I recommend putting a block down behind you so nothing can sneak up, but that’s just me. Once you think you have enough iron–and you do usually find it in bulk–head on back to your hobo cave, or the Bat Cave, as we’re calling it now.

Mining is great because it also gives you a TON of cobblestone.

When you reach the Bat Cave, build two things:

  1. A furnace
  2. A door

Both of these are important right now. The furnace is needed for smelting the iron, which means you melt it down to a softer form that you can then use to make into something else, in this case, armor and other tools. The door you can find under the “decorations/ikea” tab of the crafting table. Now, you can make a door out of either iron OR wood, but I think wood is fine because iron also requires you to create a level/button and the wood door is totally adequate enough in keeping out enemies. Zombies may bang on it, but they can never break it down, so you’re fine with a wooden door. You need 6 wooden planks to make a door. Once you have your door, go over to where the Bat Cave opening is and just tuck the door in, and build the sides of the wall back up next to it (if there’s open space). Now you are completely protected. Liquids, like water and lava, cannot go under the door, but the door CAN catch on fire, and best of all the door is reusable! If you wanted to go back to your home on the surface, you can just break the door down and take it up there and it’s usable once again. You NEVER have to build another door unless you want to, or you lose it somehow (die in lava or something of the sort).

Well, now that THAT’S out of the way, you can get to making the armor. Armor is extremely easy, as you just toss some iron into the furnace (always use coal as the burning source) and smelt it, then take what you’ve smelted and go to the crafting table, find the armor and build it. It’s VERY easy. That’s why I’m not going into too much detail. If that monkey could figure this stuff out, I know you can too.

And if you can’t, well, you might want to get some help.

Once you have your armor, put it on. You can achieve this by opening your menu (where your tools are) and just pulling the armor to your character on the side of the menu. Pretty simple to equip. So now we’re protected, we have a Bat Cave, a door and we’re ready to rock and roll. We could go a million different directions at this point, but we’re going to do something a lot of people wouldn’t try yet: We’re going to get some Diamond.

A lot of people would just do resource and material gathering first before even ATTEMPTING to find Diamond, but I’m making you do this NOW because–believe me–it’s going to make things a LOT easier. Diamond swords/Diamond pickaxes are the greatest things in the world, and will make your life SO much easier.

So what do you say? You ready to get some Diamond? Good. Because we’re probably going to die.

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