May 25, 2013

I had a brilliant idea last night.

Tacos that are made out of hamburger pieces. So the taco shell would be a fried, crispy bun-almost like a grilled cheese sandwich and then the inside would be ground beef instead of a patty and lettuce and whatever else, so like a hamburger but in the shape of a taco. It’s essentially all the same ingredients anyway, so why not just go for it, right!? Brilliant!

But then I had another idea (not nearly as brilliant) while playing Minecraft. Trapdoors. Yes, you can already make them, and yes they’re incredibly fun to grief a friend with, but they can also be useful for another thing. Have you ever been out late at night and you’re far from your house and you maybe have been mining and don’t want to lose everything you have on you? Of course, we ALL have been. Or maybe you just don’t want to die, even if you don’t have anything on you. You do lose all your experience when you die, so this would be a convenient fix.

The Solution

Build a short drop tunnel underneath the dirt, and then put a ladder in it so you can easily climb down without getting hurt. Once you get down, start digging and open the underground into a small square room, and put a bed and maybe a chest, a furnace, crafting table in it. You know, the essentials. Maybe even a double chest, just to be safe. Then, come back to the top and put a trapdoor on the top, so you can easily just get in when you’re running around at night and not get killed, or maybe just need some extra supplies or maybe a place to stash some things really quick!

Now obviously, this would be a big question: How would I find it again?

Let’s face it, the world of Minecraft–though generated randomly each time–is ENORMOUS. It’s easy to get lost, which is why you should build these things everywhere you can, so no matter where you end up, you’ll ALWAYS have one available. But that comes with another problem. Finding them. Well, let’s have a set of rules maybe?

  • Don’t put anything SUPER important in the chests, in case you can’t remember which one it’s in and can’t find it that easily again; things like diamond and such.
  • Build a marker; a tower near each one with a torch on it perhaps, so that it’s more recognizable, even at a distance
  • Don’t build one near ice; I know I said everywhere, but ice just never works out. Either just make sure you build a small hut on the actual surface or not get stuck in Iceland at night, or something. And by Iceland I meant “ice/land” not Iceland, which I hear is a beautiful country.

Follow those simple rules, and you should be just fine. At least this way you’ll have stashes, a bed, and some safety. It’s a safety net, basically. And I’d recommend only putting VERY specific things in the chests, and make them IDENTICAL. Put tools. More pickaxes, torches, food; those kinds of things. But leave some space open for a bit of storage too.

Actually, this was a pretty brilliant idea I guess, but nowhere near as cool as burger tacos. That’s just…

…I need a patent application RIGHT NOW.

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