February 16, 2013

Lately, I have been thinking of making my Minecraft game easier by attempting to connect everything to everything else, just to deter having to run all over the place for small, insignificant errands like a soccer mom. Running takes up your food, meaning you then have to eat, and if you run out of food that’s just another thing you have to do, is get more food. So, taking my time to connect everything via minecart isn’t so much hard as it is just sort of time consuming.

But it’s worth it.

I started one original mine about 2 minutes from a village so I could be near my village house, just in case something happened, you know? But then I ended up so deep in my mine and had to dig my way out, I ended up about 10 minutes away from my original mine, so it only made sense to connect them. Viola! Minecart is erected. So now I can go from one mine entrance to another in a matter of 10 seconds flat. But I want to do more than that. I want to never have to run across the map again.

My next mine is going to be opened up in a more snowy location, a very good length away from where I am now, and it only makes sense to break off a part of the track and have it turn to that mine as well. But on top of the whole “minecart to infinity and beyond” thing, I’ve also decided to fill out my entire world with tiny towns (and by towns I mean small rooms filled with chests and supplies, a bed, a furnace and what have you). This is a pretty daunting task being only one person.

See, I only play with one other person, which is the often referenced Matthew. Here is the only photo of Matt that is in known existence, seeing as he is a rare and majestic beast.


This goes back to my earlier entry “I Have No Friends”, when I stated that I only play with him on Minecraft. It’s because either nobody else I know plays Minecraft or they’re simply adults with jobs where they go to a place every day and do paperwork or stocking warehouses. So with only Matt, I either play with him or play with myself. That came out wrong. But it’s true, and as I said in that article, it’s hard to play Minecraft by yourself unless you give yourself an enormous daunting task. So, with Matt sometimes not wanting to play Minecraft because he’s busy (ya know, doin’ shark stuff) I often end up alone.

Why This Could Take a While

So exactly how hard is it to cover a world with tiny buildings and then force a train track to run to every single last one of them? EXTREMELY. Well, difficult is a dumb way to put it. It’s more time consuming than actually hard. The buildings are a breeze, we all know that. You dig out the side of a mountain for 5 minutes and you have enough for 3 buildings, which is essentially all my little towns are for this map. It’s the track that is tough. Not only do I have to gather the supplies for a track, but also for what makes the minecart go, which are the Redstone switches.

And as I’ve said in other articles, the gathering of all the articles is actually the hard part of this game, again hard = time consuming. Sometimes you find Redstone everywhere, not even in mines. You’ll open a chest and there’ll be Redstone. You’ll dig near a beach and find Redstone. You’ll stop to get a drink, go open your fridge and boom. Redstone. Sometimes it’s abundant, but other times Redstone isn’t just deep in a mine, it’s so deep that you can hear Satan himself laughing as you attempt to cross a pit of lava to get to it. Sometimes it is DOWN THERE.

And I’m not the best person at building minecart tracks, in terms of getting them to go in a specific place and then having them switch off to another track. I’m just not good at it. So you add that to the top of everything else, and it’s a bit of a scary job to attempt. Makes me wish Matt would stop eating civilians and come help me more often, but you know, he’s just doing what he’s come to love. So what was the point of all of this? I guess to reiterate the fact that sometimes in Minecraft–because of the lack of direction that most other games we play have–we have to find something to do. Minecraft is all about using your intelligence and imagination to build whatever you can think of.

So grab your aquatic pals and get to work!

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