Part 11 – Tonight’s a Good Night to Breed

In an earlier entry to this guide, I mentioned breeding and that I would elaborate on that more. Well, now is that time. So sit down, buddy, and let me explain how breeding works. You see, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much they…

…wait, what am I writing about? Oh, right, Minecraft breeding. I don’t know what happened there, sorry about that. Anyway, here we go. Breeding is one of the newer features in the 360 version, but it’s pretty much the same in both PC and 360 versions. It’s not that hard to do…except for the main thing you need to accomplish which is to gather the animals. You need 2 of each, so say you want a baby cow, you need 2 cows.

Now, as far as cross breeding goes, I wrote an article about wanting to cross breed a spider and a wolf but it sadly isn’t possible. YET. I still hold out hope that one day they will allow me to do this and rule the Minecraft universe as some weird spiderwolf overlord. Who eats babies.

But until then, this will have to do I guess.

EDIT: I, once again, googled something and discovered it’s easier to breed than I first thought. See, I thought you just had to get lucky and trap two of the same animals. No. They’ll follow you if you have the right food. Man, I am TERRIBLE at this guide thing.

So the first thing you should do is decide what you want to breed, and you’ve got some options here:

  • Wolves
  • Horses (not on the 360 version)
  • Sheep
  • Cows
  • Chickens
  • Cats (not on the 360 version)

Now, each animal has a “lead” item that will make it follow you, and once you’ve given this food to the animal, they will mate with each other.  Chicken is the only exception since they require seeds to lead and different food to breed. So, take your pick of animal. Here is a list of lead/breed food  required for each animal:

  • Wolves: Any type of meat, raw cooked or rotten. They must be at full health however before being fed to breed. Meat cannot be used to tame a wolf either; bones are what you should use to do that.
  • Horses: Golden Apples or Golden Carrots
  • Sheeps & Cows: Mushrooms or Wheat
  • Pigs: Carrots for the PC and Wheat for the 360
  • Chickens: Seeds. Melon, Pumpkin and Nether Wart can be used to breed, but only Wheat seeds can be used to lead.
  • Cats: Raw Fish

Now remember, Horses & Cats aren’t on the 360 version, so if you’re playing that version (which is what this guide is mainly written for, though I try to keep it neutral and console free as best as possible) then you’ve already got 2 options taken off the table for you, thus making your decision that much easier. Now, the food you lead them with can differ from the food you breed them with, so to make this as simple as possible, I’m going to use the Chicken.

A Chicken will be led with only Wheat Seeds. To do this, find a chicken. Once you have located your chicken, whip out some Wheat Seeds (if you have no Wheat Seeds, the easiest way to do this is just knock some Wheat down from your garden of a villages garden. Wheat is pretty easy to come across, so don’t worry) and make sure the Chicken notices that you have it. Once it begins to follow you, lead it to a small pen.

Actually I guess the pen should’ve been the first step here, huh…

Well, let’s back up then. God I’m awful at this. I know I make it seem so easy and I appear so sophisticated and professional, but I am flyin’ by the seat of my proverbial pants here.

First make a pen. You can either be fancy about this and make an actual fence with a gate, or just build a 3 block up wooden/dirt pen. I suggest the fence option purely because it’s an easier way to get in and out, but make sure you stack the fences when you build because–and pardon my French–these fuckers can JUMP. I built a fence and they just hopped right out over it, so make it 2 or 3 stacks high. I’m not even going to go into how to make a fence; you should know how to craft at this point. If you don’t, figure it out. I’ve done my job. So once the pen is built, THEN go find the Chicken and lead it to your pen. Do this twice or more if you want more chickens. I’m not sure how many times you can breed one pair.

Now, as I said, some cannot be led and bred with the same item, so once they’re there, switch out your Wheat Seeds for either Pumpkin, Melon or Nether Wart. Give both chickens some of these seeds, and hopefully little hearts will appear floating over them and they will get down to business.

Now if you want to maybe set the mood–light some torches, and start a music disc–that’s all fine. I’m sure they’d appreciate it. But don’t just sit there like a pervert and watch. That isn’t cool. Avert your eyes from the sinful, lusty carnage that is about to go down. And by sinful, lusty carnage I mean the animals jump into each other multiple times and a baby is born, which I’m pretty sure how actual babies are born. Not positive, but that’s what my mom told me.

Now turn back around and surprise, a baby! A little tiny chicken will be hoppin around with its loving parents, and you’ll have the proud honor of eating said baby later that week. In front of its parents. Now, you can do this with any of those animals, and the majority of them CAN be led and bred with the same item. So the obvious purpose of breeding is to gather more food. It’s easier-and more efficient overall to spend some time breeding and farming to gather food than it is to just run around killing animals and stealing Wheat from neighboring villages. This way your food source is always close by and you never have to worry about it just randomly disappearing, considering you built the pen tall enough that is.

I have bred some animals before and it really is not all that difficult, so I highly suggest you put some time into this and the farming. It really will help you overall, especially considering the fact that you will ALWAYS need food, especially when you go down into mines. So go ahead and give breeding a try.

But don’t try it yourself. Not until you’re older, mister.

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