There Goes The Netherhood

January 22, 2013

One of my favorite things to do in Minecraft is to challenge myself against the game. Sort of ‘Bear Grylls’ it, if you will. I like to see if I can survive in certain places where you shouldn’t survive. For instance, I went underground and found a monster spawner in a stronghold. I then dug my way out and built a marker in the world–something that could be seen from a ways off so I could find my way back–and went to gather supplies.

monster spawner

Once I found enough supplies, I saved my game (just in case) and then headed back to the stronghold, upon where, after a billion tries due to my constant death from monsters, I finally built a tiny house right next to the monster spawner. My goal was to live with the monsters and see how long I could survive underground that way. Not live with the monsters Jane Goodall style either, where I’m teaching them sign language and eventually a book is written about me, no. Living with the monsters in a sort of “We’re going to eat you as soon as you come out of your door” and me going “Nuh uh” style.

I lasted maybe 15 minutes.

And while I kept trying to live down there, I eventually grew tired of it and needed a new challenge. My next goal was to attempt to hollow out a mountain and build an evil genius lair, ala James Bond, but that took way too much work and I’m kind of a lazy person. Being evil is tiring. You really got to have the patience and the dedication to being evil, and I just lack both those things. Motivation isn’t my strong suit. Not to mention there wasn’t anybody to be evil against. I mean, I could’ve invited some friends (if I had some) and we could’ve fought for the base, but…it didn’t go anywhere.

The Challenge

So, here’s a challenge if you’re looking for something to do. Gather up supplies like I did for my monster spawner home, but this time…go into the Nether. Obviously this one is much more difficult because first off, you need to gather tons of supplies to build and furnish an entire new house. Second, you have to build a Nether Portal, and that alone will take you a long time. Gather Obsidian and whatnot, it’s just a pain in the butt. But once you finally do it, and you light it, head on through, and attempt to build a home and LIVE in the Nether. Now, this poses some obvious immediate problems as you can’t really DO anything in the Nether. There’s no food to catch, there’s no resources really (trees or what have you) and so you easily starve to death with nothing to eat outside of what you come through with, but, this actually makes it MORE difficult and entertaining. See how long you can survive with only the stuff you come through with. I’d highly recommend a few suits of armor and TONS of food. Cooked or raw, it doesn’t matter, as you’ll be building a furnace anyway, so.

So this is my challenge to you folks, go forward and attempt it. If you do this, put up videos on YouTube, because I’d love to see it attempted. I’d do it myself, but as I stated above, I’m lazy.

And if you can think of another challenge, that’d be good too. Anything you can come up with to do to fight the world around you is a good way to pass time in the game.

Now I’m going to attempt to live in the real world for a while, which is the hardest challenge of all.

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