Part 16 – The Ender Dragon

This is it. This is the moment we’ve been working towards.

All that time training, gathering supplies, learning our enemies’ tactics…it all comes down to this moment, right here, right now! We will wipe the Huns off the…off the face of the…what’re we doing?

Oh, Minecraft Guide. Right. Ender Dragon. Jeez, I was WAY off. Sorry about that.

Anyway, this IS what we’ve been working towards. There are a few things you’re going to have to be made aware of right off the bat, so listen up and listen close. First off, I’m going to explain why you need the bow/bows AND a sword. To hurt the Ender Dragon, you first have to attack the source where he gathers strength, and those would be these things:

After that, he will come either close enough to hit with a sword, or you can always hit him with some arrows. Alone however, this may take a while to finish, so be aware of that too. Also, when you first spawn in The End, you may notice that there is no floor, so if you fall off, that’s it, you’re dead. Be sure to also look around and become aware that the only other things here outside of the Ender Dragon are Endermen, so make sure not to look them in the eyes and steer as clear of them as possible. This will only make things easier in your fight.

Equip your bow, if it isn’t on then equip your armor and head on out to the final battle. It’s time to put this dragon in its place! First thing is first, shoot as many of the orbs as you can. I have attached a photo for you, so you know (though it’s pretty obvious, frankly) what you’re shooting at. But be careful, because occasionally the Ender Dragon WILL swoop down to either attack you head on or spew some sort of purple goo at you (purple fire? I don’t know, honestly. Maybe he’s just throwing up on you).

Those moments when he’s down there and not flying around, those are the times to make sure you can’t be hit, and to attack with your bow or go at him headfirst with your diamond sword. I recommend the bow purely for their safety of distance that it assures you, but either one works honestly. You’re more likely to lose health using the sword, however. When he’s flying though, those are when you need to shoot down those orbs. This isn’t necessarily a horribly hard battle or anything, but be aware that you probably WILL die at least once or twice, and if that happens, merely jump back into your portal from your spawn point and get on that Dragon once more.

He’ll have a health bar–a purple one, these people love the color purple–over him, so you’ll know how much health he has left, and while this isn’t necessarily a difficult battle it can be challenging depending on your luck and the fact that you’re alone, which will only make it be drug out even longer than usual. Facing this guy with a few friends makes it a whole world easier. But you also have to have friends and…let’s be honest, we’re reading/writing a Minecraft walkthrough. We don’t have friends.

Once he’s been defeated, you’ll notice a large burst of purple lights exploding from within him, as if he’s being beckoned back to the fiery gates of heck that he was culled from, and he’ll drop a Dragon Egg. Now, what can you do with this? Let’s look it up, as I’m not sure eggaxctly. (I’m so sorry.)

Actually, while you can COLLECT the egg (which is done by simply placing a piston facing the egg and then pushing it to collect it, but make sure it doesn’t fall in the portal) they really have no actual purpose other than being a trophy or decoration. So pick it up and place it into your home I guess, to be a big ol’ show off, you bragger you.

Go home and enjoy your rewards. You’ve worked hard for them. Lord knows you deserve it, you champ you.

There will be updates to Minecraft down the road (in fact the cat update is coming up in the next 360 patch) so I will update this guide accordingly. Be sure to always check back for more, and always visit the blog portion for articles about Minecraft in general.

This has been a Minecraft Walkthrough. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was a lot of fun. I just hope I never have to see you again.

Nothing personal, you’re just, you never paid me that 3.75 you owed me from lunch and, yeah. Sorry.

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