Staying Organized 101

March 1, 2013

One of the biggest things in my life–Minecraft and not–is organization. Over the last 2 years or so, I have become much more interested in organization, especially when it comes to my bedroom. It’s not really because I’m OCD or anything, it’s more just because I need to find things quickly and I like knowing that my sharpie is on my bookcase and that my books are on my bookcase and that my bookcase is my bookcase. You sometimes get games with inventory systems, and there’s not much organization you can do in those, but Minecraft is different.

Minecraft is annoying because it has two tiers of organization. First you have your own inventory on your person, in which you carry the things you either take with you or collect while you’re out (and often more times than not it goes something like this: pick axe, food, torches, and a billion on top of a billion pieces of dirt and cobblestone, don’t deny it). But on top of that, you have the option to create chests, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, you can combine two chests and make a super, ultra mega chest.

Chests For the Win

It got to the point in mine and Matts’ game where I had to organize our chests–because, you know, he’s a shark and has fins and not fingers, so it fell on me to do it–but I did it OCD style, which is odd considering my earlier statement. We had about 4 double chests, and in each one they were assigned a specific item. For instance:

  • Chest #1 – Weapons/Armor/Tools
  • Chest #2 – Food/Potions
  • Chest #3 – Materials/Dirt/Cobblestone/Gravel/Sand etc.
  • Chest #4 – misc.

minecraft chest organization
And it worked like a charm. We were never lost in the sense of trying to find something, and Minecraft is the kind of game where you need to know where stuff is at all times because you never know when you’re going to need it. The problem with this organization however is that–at least with us–we’d start mining, get down deep in a cavern and set up a cavern home, complete with everything in our regular home; furnace, crafting table and more chests. Now this is where organization becomes a problem because we’d end up tossing stuff in that we’d find down there (good stuff too, like diamond) into those chests and then LEAVE, and never find our way back to them. Organization was starting to bite us in the ass.

So my goal is to create just an entire room next to our house for chests. This way, the chests are in our way in the house and they’re easy to find. Then, on top of that, put a sign above each one stating what’s inside of it. Now I’m reaching OCD territory, but hey, at least I know where my stuff is. Now if only Matt would stop stuffing chum into our chests, we’d be on the right path.

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