Skin Pack #5000

October 31, 2013

One of the smaller updates–but more constant–to Minecraft 360 are the skin packs, which is cool, because the ones it came with originally…meh.

But they’ve done a good job of covering almost everything I can think of that we would want from Banjo Kazooie to Dead Space to The Walking Dead and beyond. But one of the ones they haven’t touched upon yet, and which Matt–when he isn’t making blockbuster sci-fi hits about Sharks–complains of is Mass Effect.

So it led me to question it myself and he’s got a point. Why don’t they have any Mass Effect skins?

Granted, it could be something as simple as like, licensing issues or anything in the copyright genre. But still…they would make a billion dollars if they released Commander Shepard or Tali as a skin pack. And perhaps therein lies the problem. Is Bethesda just greedy and doesn’t want anyone else profiting off their characters? Possibly. Or perhaps it’s just too hard to make some of those characters into skins. Shepard not really, he’s human, but Tali and some of those for sure I could see.

I still am going to go with the obvious money issue. Perhaps Mojang approached Bethesda and they declined or asked for too much money for licensing? I don’t know. I just find it odd.

But there are some skins I actually would like myself, now that Matts said this. Things from very old games, like Vectorman. I was going to say Rayman but they finally did that. Or perhaps one of the Mazda racing games. Imagine just being a car. Be awesome. So it made me wonder what the absolute best skin would be for Minecraft and I spent a long time thinking about this and I believe I have finally come up with one that we all would want.


COME ON. Who WOULDN’T want to be Pacman? And they could do it too, because of the 3d Pacman games that came out a long time ago and the one coming up recently. It would be awesome to be the Pac, running around munching at blocks with my diamond pickaxe and whatnot. He’s definitely one that everyone would want for sure. Plus, even if you think you DON’T want Pacman, allow me to give you this scenario.

You’ve just purchased and downloaded the newest skin pack and with it comes Pacman. You put Pacman on and run around Minecraft all willy nilly (if you’ve never done anything all willy nilly, I highly suggest it) and you think, “Hmmm, I should go to the Nether and get some stuff”. So you build a Nether Portal and you head to the Nether. As Pacman. And kill Ghasts. STILL DON’T WANNA BE PACMAN?

You cannot deny the awesomeness that comes from that. Imagine killing Ghasts AS Pacman! Who WOULDN’T want that!?

In fact, the only thing that I could think of as being better, would to be to release all The Walking Dead characters, start a new world and only spawn Zombies. That’d be pretty great too.

There are so many possibilities. Someone get Mojang on the phone, asap!

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