Select World

world menu

Now at the main menu, go ahead and click on “Singleplayer” to begin. Each world is uniquely generated so each one will always be different from another. Once you create your world, it will appear on this world menu.

  • Play Selected World: self-explanatory.
  • Create New World: self-explanatory.
  • Rename: rename your world to something else.
  • Delete: delete the selected world.
  • Re-Create: duplicate the selected world.

Create New World

create new world

Click on “Create New World” to set up your new world. On this new world menu, you can name it anything you want. By default it’s “New World”.

  • Game Mode: choose one of the three singleplayer modes–survival, hardcore, or creative.
  1. Survival: this is the standard game mode where you need to survive by gathering resources and crafting things in order to reach the end of the game. If you die, you respawn.
  2. Hardcore: this mode is the same as survival except when you die, you won’t respawn. Meant for hardcore gamers.
  3. Creative: this mode allows you to do anything you want. You get unlimited resources and the ability to fly around the world. Best for creative people!

After choosing a game mode, you can create your world by clicking on “Create New World”. However, you may want to look at some world options before continuing.

More World Options

world options
  • Seed for the World Generator: this is a field to enter a seed. A seed is a bunch of generated numbers that tells Minecraft what type of world to create. You can find some online and enter it here. Otherwise, a random world will be generated.
  • Generate Structures: enable or disable certain structures from being created, such as dungeons. I think it’s more fun to leave this on.
  • World Type: choose from three different types–Default, Large Biomes, or Superflat.
  1. Default: the standard setting where the world is more dynamically generated. Probably the most interesting since its completely random.
  2. Large Biomes: same as default setting, except biomes are 16 times larger than normal.
  3. Superflat: sets the generated world to be completely flat. You can customize this further by clicking on “Customize” and can also choose presets and remove layers of blocks. More information here.
  • Allow Cheats: enable or disable cheats. A full list of commands can be found here.
  • Bonus Chest: enable or disable a bonus chest that appears when you spawn. The chest contains starter items like torches and sticks to help you get through the first night. This can’t be enabled in hardcore mode.

If you want to start playing, go back to the world menu, select your world, and click on “Play Selected World” to play.

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