Review for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

December 6, 2012

minecraft xbla version

There are a significant portion of people that don’t think Minecraft is up to par with modern games. Outdated graphics, midi sounds, and simple controls may turn many potential players off before they even get a chance to play. Sure, there isn’t really an ending or goal since it’s such an open world game. However, the Xbox 360 edition allows players to earn achievements and other minor things. But how do the new Xbox features compare to the PC version?

The Bad

In Survival and Hardcore modes, Minecraft’s trademark – spawning in a randomly generated world – is still utilized in the Xbox 360 edition. Players spawn with nothing, and are forced to explore in order to survive. Staying in one location isn’t enough, as new resources must be obtained to craft more advanced tools and structures. One thing that doesn’t sit so well is the lack of Creative mode, which is something essential to Minecraft’s replay value. For PC veterans, this is usually unacceptable. The one thing that makes this game so great is how rewarding it is once you’ve unleashed your imagination.

The 360 version is a port from an older version of Minecraft, so players won’t have access to the newer changes of the PC version. For example, a lot of recipes and negligible game mechanics are not available. A couple of the biggest issues are that there is no sprinting or food stacking. Players switching from the PC version will immediately find this an inconvenience since their character is much slower. Backpacks will fill up faster, which also is a major turn off.

The Good

On the plus side, the Survival and Hardcore modes of the 360 version are much more user friendly than its PC counterpart. With hint popups throughout the game, new players can quickly learn how to play Minecraft without having to consult any external resources.  The recipe system has been reworked so that crafting things is much easier, as all the materials required are listed. All the materials are categorized, and crafting only takes a few clicks. Players won’t need a laptop with a dozen tabs open anymore to figure out what to do. Similarly, items in the backpack have tooltips associated with them so players can pick up the basics much faster than the PC version. The Xbox edition isn’t just a more user friendly game, but it also retains the high standards of the original that make it so fun to play. Every block that is used must be earned, and there are no shortcuts.

easier crafting on XBLA

Like the PC game, the Xbox edition incorporates multiplayer. However, the PC version doesn’t have a good multiplayer system, whereas the 360 one does via XBLA. If your friend is playing a game, you can easily join it from the main menu.

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