Part 8 – Potions Class With Snape

This is a part of the guide you can honestly skip unless you have interest in making potions. I don’t, but I feel I should cover everything, so that’s what I’m doing. So, let’s get started.

Potions are an interesting thing because I think they personally are pretty useless and I don’t really understand why anyone would use them, especially due to how hard they are to make, but I can’t help but feel they have SOME practical use, right? So let’s try and figure this out. To first make a potion, you need a potion stand or brewing stand. The one potion I could see being actually useful would be a splash potion, which you get by combining gun power with a potion which can then be thrown as a weapon.

To create a brewing stand you’ll need a blaze rod and 3 blocks of cobblestone. This is another reason I had you go to the Nether, as it’s the ONLY place to get Blaze Rods. Blaze Rods–if you haven’t figured it out yet–are obtained by brutally slaying a Blaze and grabbing the rod that falls out, and not every Blaze drops one, so it may take a while. So if you do not have a Blaze Rod, and you’re still interested in doing this, go to the Nether and don’t come back until you’ve got one. Shouldn’t be TOO hard. Now that you have one, we can get really started. Craft up a brewing stand by coming the rod and the 3 pieces of cobblestone at your crafting table. The brewing stand is just like any other piece of furniture really, in the sense that you can put it anywhere, so just toss it somewhere in your bachelor pad.

Now, the making of the stand itself is the easiest part. There’s a few things you have to know about potions. There’s the base potion, which is a potion that has no effect. So, things like a water bottle for example, which is a starting point for every recipe, or an awkward potion which is a base for all primary potions. The following are your base potions, and try to keep up, or that’ll be 5 points from Gryffindor.

  • Water Bottle: starting point for every potion
  • Awkward Potion: base for all primary potions
  • Thick Potion: base for potion of weakness
  • Mundane Potion: base for potion of protection

Now that’s simple enough right? You always need a starting point. Exactly. NOW is where it gets complicated. The potions with positive effects ranges from very generic things we all know such as regeneration to fire resistance to healing to night vision to strength and so on and so forth. There’s even one for invisibility, which MAY actually come in handy at The End. Then, there’s the potions with negative effects, such as poison, weakness, slowness and harming.

And be aware that upon your death, all your effects of your potions are lost. Potions can be useful, but I think that the time and effort that goes into the creation of not only the brewing stand but the potions themselves just may not be worth the return you get. Sure, they may help you, but you can easily play the game and be successful and have NEVER used one. I think potions are more for people who enjoy RPGs like World of Warcraft and Skyrim and things like that. They want something more in depth than just killing Creepers and mining. Now, to create a potion, you also need the ingredients that go INTO the potion, and you need the water bottle and the awkward potion. A water bottle is easy, you just need glass which you can get by putting sand into the furnace. You need 3 blocks of glass. Easy as pie. That will get you a glass battle which you just simply need to fill with water. You need both the water bottle AND the awkward potion…FOR EVERY SINGLE POTION.

And…they DON’T STACK.

By stacking, I mean if you have 8 steaks or 64 pieces of cobblestone, they all go into ONE slot on your inventory. As far as I know-and granted I haven’t played in a while-the bottles do not stack. Just another little thing to be aware of.

So the water bottle is simple to get but the awkward potion is NOT. You’re going to have to make yet ANOTHER trip to the Nether if you don’t have Netherwart Seeds, which you put into the water bottle to get an awkward potion. So, if you have them, then use ‘em, and if ya don’t, get on it, sonny. Once you have created your awkward potion, you will REALLY have a problem because now you have to create a REAL potion. See why I don’t use potions? The work I don’t feel is worth the time. So the most effective I would say outside of splash potions would be the one of invisibility, and I’m saying that because you will have to fight and kill Endermen and the Ender Dragon at some point, and it’s best to be invisible when that time comes. To create an invisible potion-or potion of invisibility if you wanna be accurate-you need to create a potion of night vision, and then add a fermented spider eye. To create a potion of night vision, you need a golden carrot to add to the awkward potion. A golden carrot is an edible food, which isn’t as hard to get as it would seem to be. You just need a carrot and golden nuggets, 8 of them, and one carrot.

A golden nugget you get by killing zombie pigmen in the Nether. That’s another reason I don’t do potions. You have to go to the Nether FAAAAR too often. So go gather 8 gold nuggets and then we’ll get a carrot. In some rare cases, a carrot will be dropped from a zombie, but otherwise your best bet is to just find them in a villagers farm. It’s the easiest way and we want things to be quick and simple. Once you’ve done ALL THAT, come on back and we’ll make this potion of invisibility.

I actually recommend you do this, even if you have no interest, because it will probably save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Take your gold nuggets, your carrot and create a golden carrot. Now we need a fermented spider eye which can be obtained by crafting a spider eye, brown mushroom and sugar. Brown mushrooms you find just in the world, but sugar must be made by gathering Sugar Cane, which is also pretty simple to come across. Now once all that is done, create a potion of night vision, then add the fermented spider eye and viola! A potion of invisibility! And it only took you 8 years of your life. Now, if you want to do this, and I suggest you do it, I would create a TON of these. I know it’s a lot of work, but trust me, this is going to help you, and it’s the one potion I think can make The End a lot easier than it is.

So get your supplies together buddy, ‘cause we’re gonna be brewin’ for some time.

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