Part 7 – Nether Gonna Give You Up

This part is a bit more serious than the last few, because now we’re going to get into the meat and potatoes of how to actually win…at this…god meat and potatoes sounds good right now. I haven’t…you know what, I’ll be right back.

Alright, now that I’ve eaten, I was going to say that building a nether portal is one of the most important things you can do for a number of reasons. There’s the need for it in case you want to gather supplies for potions–which I WILL guide you through in the future but be warned, it’s kinda pointless–and there’s just new materials in general there, but it also will help you understand the dangers that lay ahead of you at…The End.

The Nether, to me, is more preparation than anything else, which is why I highly suggest you go there, in order to prepare yourself for the inevitable End. The Nether is MUCH tougher than the normal world you’ve been living in thus far, as EVERY enemy will attack you outside of PigZombies (who will only attack you if you attack them first, like Spiders during the day). You’ll find lava and hostile Ghasts and Blazes pretty much everywhere you go, as it is fighting for survival 99% of the time in the Nether, and that’s when you’re NOT lost, because it is pretty easy to get lost there.

So the first step to building a Nether Portal is to find Obsidian. Obsidian is a black stone, very hard to break and can only be broken with a Diamond pickaxe, which is why I told you to get Diamond immediately. Obsidian can however be kind of tough to come across, but thankfully you can make your own. There’s two ways to come across Obsidian:

  • Find it yourself, usually VERY deep in mines/dungeons
  • Make it yourself with lava and water

I personally find the second option the easier of the two, mainly because I’m lazy, and let’s face it, the majority of us who play video games are lazy, right? So let’s do this thing. The first thing that you’re going to need to make Obsidian–if this is the route you’re going to go, which I assume it is seeing as I suggested it here–is a bucket and a diamond pickaxe, of which you should already have both. Take these items and just go find some water. Ocean, puddle, lake; whatever. Use that bucket to collect some water and put that bucket of water into your inventory, then saddle up with your diamond pickaxe and let’s go do this thing. Hopefully when searching for Diamond, you found Lava, otherwise you’re going to have to do some serious mining anyways.

If you have to mine to find some, get to that. If, however, you found some while searching for Diamond, just make your way back to that spot and hopefully you remember where that is. Minecraft is a pretty easy game to get super lost in. Don’t get sidetracked–not even by iron or coal or anything–and just kill any enemy that gets in your way or just run away from them, whatever you choose. Once you’re back at the lava, take that bucket of water (and this may take a few buckets) and dump the water into the lava and it will instantly create Obsidian! Huzzah! Success! If you need to make a second trip, which I suggest you do, then do so. But let’s go on. Now that you have your Obsidian, you can mine it, but I can hear you asking how much Obsidian does it take?

Well, to create a Nether Portal, there are two versions. There’s the full version, and the economically friendly version. There really is no difference outside of shape and some time and resources saved. The full version is 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks tall, while the eco version is 2 blocks wide by 3 blocks tall. I recommend whatever is easiest for you personally, I mean, the full is easier to make in terms of shape especially if you’ve never played before–but if you think you can do the eco version, then by all means go for it. But whatever version you decide to make is fine, they’ll both work. Now, I recommend building the Nether Portal–and don’t worry, nothing can come OUT of it–near your house, purely because you want to be close to your spawn point when you come through.

But there’s one more thing you need before you can even activate it, and that’s flint and steel.

Steel is easy, you just need an iron ingot, which you should already some of from all the armor/weapons/tools we made. Flint is a bit tougher to come across, unfortunately. It’s usually found by mining gravel, and when mined, there is a 10% chance that a single unit of flint will drop instead of a gravel block. Flint is also able to be used to create arrows but let’s not get into that right now. So go find some gravel and hopefully you’ll come across some flint. Once you’ve found some, you can craft a Flint & Steel from the iron ingot and the flint. This is what you will be using to ignite the Nether Portal so you can gain access to the Nether. You can also use the flint & steel to set fire to some Netherracks (brighter than torches) but let’s not get too complicated here, I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible.

So go ahead and take that flint & steel and just ignite the Nether Portal. Now I recommend HIGHLY taking some food and not very many tools, in fact, don’t take anything that may be hard to replace if you die, because you WILL probably die here.

So there’s the Nether.

Creepy, right? There’s a few enemies here that I’ve touched on (not that like, you pervert) before, such as the Ghast and the Blazes, so be sure to watch out for those especially. Otherwise just check the Nether out and be aware that this is very much what The End is when we get to it. Now, if you want, you can gather some materials for potions. I’ve written about potions before, and I think they’re very useless, but I’ll make a guide for you anyway if you want to use it because you’re just so darn special, you. There’s actually a few items here you’ll need, so collect the following if you’re interested:

  • Nether Wart
  • Glowstone Dust
  • Magma Cream
  • Ghast Tear
  • Blaze Powder

Now, these may be kind of hard to obtain, so try not to get frustrated. As of writing this guide, I have yet to find a nether wart, so I can’t really help you in that. I’ve read they look a lot like little mushrooms or something. Glowstone is a brick, so that shouldn’t be too hard to find, and magma cream comes from the magma enemies, as do the ghast tear and the blaze powder come from their respective enemies. But, as I said, these can be highly difficult to obtain, so if you think you’re up for it, go ahead and try and if not, just come back at a later time, if you’re even interested in potion making. If you don’t give a crap then fine, don’t even bother with it.

So that’s the Nether– spooky, full of horrifying enemies and kind of useless material.

And here’s a guide for it. Weird, right?

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