Music of the Mines

May 4, 2013

One of the things I love about Minecraft more than anything else–and being an artist, I love all of it, the visuals and everything–is the soundtrack. Or, really, lack of one. It’s really just ONE tune, isn’t it? And that’s what is cool. It’s essentially one tune arranged in different musical compositions. That’s AWESOME, artistically.

In a day and age where video games are subjected to the same rigorous testing standards for reviews as movies are–which is totally not right, by the way, they shouldn’t be as they aren’t the same medium–one of the things people always discuss is music, and some of these games have phenomenal OST’s.

Mass Effect 3 has incredible music, Bioshock always has great music and Infinite only continued the trend and lately I’ve been playing Epic Mickey and the music in that is downright awesome! But the music in Minecraft is so simplistic and so almost zen like and calming that it really shouldn’t be as overlooked as it is. I actually consider music-in any medium, be it TV, film or video game–to be pretty important in terms of what makes a piece complete and Minecraft’s music is no different.

But what makes Minecraft even cooler with their music is that they added other music into the game that you can find in the forms of records, much like Animal Crossing did before them. Animal Crossing had records you could get (actually, they had records, CDs and tapes if I remember right) AND they had the dog K.K. who would come on a certain day and play songs for you if you asked him. So it’s cool to see another game do that sort of thing (and I’m sure there’s others out there, I just don’t know of them).

Is the music in Minecraft crucial? No. Not really. It doesn’t add to the experience really in any way outside of being pretty, and it’s played so rarely that you almost sometimes don’t even notice it’s there.

Is the music in Minecraft good? Good? It’s GREAT. Like I said, it’s the most simplistic, yet beautiful tune, following in the footsteps of Michael Giacchino or Gary Jules, who make beauty out of the most simple keys and notes.

It’s definitely an overlooked aspect of the game, but it’s one I UNDERSTAND why it’s overlooked. Because frankly, there’s not a lot to it and it’s hard to even notice if you aren’t paying attention to it. Not to mention that, but I’m not sure there’s even an OST out for the game, is there? They may be, I just don’t know. But this article may confuse you then, because you’ll be asking yourself, “Hey, why do you talk about it if it’s not that well recognized?”

Because it’s not that well recognized.

Listen, if we’re going to pick apart games at a critically stupid molecular level, then we have to do it for EVERY game. We can’t pick and choose, and if music is so important–as people claim it is in games–then we need to do it for EVERY game, even if there’s not a lot of music to be reviewed. And while Minecraft may not have a full OST, the music it DOES have is a million times better than the majority of full OST’s out there, movies or games or otherwise, simply because it’s so perfect.

It just needs to be more recognized, I feel. I’m not doing this to point out that I wrote an article about it before anyone else; I’m doing this because I want others to talk about it. Minecraft has a beautiful “soundtrack” and we need to take every part of art into consideration when it comes to making up the whole piece, and the music in Minecraft is a great piece that should be more talked about.

And that’s all there is.

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