Before we talk about the multiplayer options, let’s discuss what multiplayer actually is. In multiplayer, players can connect to Minecraft servers online and play with other players in the same world. There are four main server modes:

  • Survival Multiplayer (SMP): default server mode. Servers created will automatically be set to SMP.
  • Hardcore Multiplayer (HMP): same as survival mode, except when you die, you’re banned forever.
  • Creative Multiplayer (CMP): everyone in the server gets infinite health plus resources. This is especially useful for team oriented projects.
  • Adventure Multiplayer (AMP): this is a mode exclusive to multiplayer where players can’t destroy most blocks. It’s intended for player created maps since it’s important to prevent other players from destroying things that aren’t theirs (griefing).

Many servers don’t fall under any of these categories because they provide various mixtures of mods and maps to enhance the game for a different purpose.

Let’s finally take a look at the Multiplayer menu.

Play Multiplayer

multiplayer menu

By default, you won’t have any servers pre-populated, because Minecraft doesn’t any type of built in server list. You’re going to have to find servers and manually join them.

On this menu you’ll see two ways to connect to a server: Direct Connect and Add server. Obviously, you will need to either know the IP address of the server (and sometimes its port, which is followed by a colon) or the domain name of it. For example, “” or “” or “”.

Note: if you are playing Minecraft unofficial (or cracked), you will only be able to join cracked servers. For example, players running version 1.5.2 cracked can only join cracked 1.5.2 servers. You can find cracked server lists for your version by doing a simple search like this. If you have a premium account, you can join any server on the same version, cracked or not (except the ones that require application and acceptance, aka whitelisted severs). For example, premium account holders running version 1.7.9 can only join 1.7.9 servers granted the server has no application process.

direct connectadd server
  • Direct Connect: you can directly connect to a server with this, but the server won’t be saved to your personal list.
  • Add server: you can give the server a name and it will be saved to your personal server list. There’s an option to hide the address of the server in your list as well, but I don’t know why this would be useful.

If you are using Direct Connect, Minecraft will attempt to connect to the server right as you click on “Join Server”.  I recommend adding the server to your list because it will be saved and it does an automatic check to see whether or not the server is online. You can also connect to the server from the server list by clicking on “Join Server” after you select your desired server.

Once you are in, you usually have to register your account on the server before you are able to do anything. To do this, type the following command and press enter:

/register password password

After you’ve successfully registered, you can login by using the command:

/login password password

This way, the server can authenticate you and remember all of your data and stats you made on it.

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