Minecraft Review

November 1, 2012

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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an indie sandbox game developed by Markus “Notch” Persson and is available on PC and Xbox 360. Fortunately there are alternatives for players who want to see what the game is like. Notch eventually joined game enthusiasts to form Mojang, the company currently responsible for Minecraft development.  Due to the game’s major success, piracy isn’t an issue because the more people that play Minecraft for free, the more money Mojang makes since many of them end up buying Minecraft.

Survival, Hardcore, and Creative Mode

As a sandbox game, Minecraft is nonlinear game where you can freely move around in an open world and do as you like, similar to Grand Theft Auto. To add more variability to the game, Minecraft algorithmically generates a unique world when you first start a new game in single-player mode. Any new game world will be different and players will never encounter the exact world again. Minecraft constantly generates new areas as the player explores more of the world. This way, the game won’t lag and only uses the necessary resources as “chunks.” The game primarily involves mining resources and building things, but the objective is different in each game mode. The three modes to play are Survival, Creative, and a third “sub-mode” of survival called hardcore mode.

randomly generated unique minecraft world

In survival mode, the objective is to survive against monsters called “creepers” by building defensive structures and strategically conserving health and hunger. Players can lose health from monster attacks, falling, drowning, and etc. Similarly, players also need to worry about hunger, which drains your health if it’s too low. Food is also craftable, which allows the player to have more fun, instead of finding food lying on the ground.  Players can mine different types of resources and craft items such as tools and weapons. The game focuses a lot on mining and crafting, as you may tell by its title. Players can craft items which can be used to craft more advanced items that can help players progress through the game.

There is also a hardcore mode, which is basically the same as survival mode except harder. The big difference is that once a player dies in hardcore mode, there is no way to respawn, or resurrect once dead.

As for creative mode, there is no real objective since you can free fly and have unlimited resources to do whatever you like. Players often use creative mode to build their own things for fun such as monuments and replicas of real buildings since resources are free. However, there is a way to die in creative mode by falling through the void located at the bottom of the game world.

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