May 8, 2013

minecraft merchandise

Yesterday, I was in GameStop and saw an ad for a foam pickaxe from Minecraft for 21.99 and instantly wanted it. I’ve been decorating my bedroom in stuff like that lately, and I really wanted to put it on the wall, yet, when I asked if it was available, I was informed that it wasn’t 21.99, it was 21,000 points in the GameStop Rewards System and 21.99 was the real world equivalent of the 21,000 points so people could see how much it was.

This was stupid on a number of levels.

First off, I’m pretty sure the real world equivalent doesn’t matter if you CAN’T BUY IT OUTSIDE OF THE WEBSITE. Secondly, I REALLY wanted this, and third, why should I pay GameStop all this money to get points to buy this thing when I can easily go to Amazon and purchase it for the same price or cheaper? Impulse purchase of course if it was instantly available, but it wasn’t, and I bought nothing at all, giving them NO money.

But GameStop’s stupidity aside, I still want to get me hands on one of these things (also, that was totally a misspelling, and supposed to be “my hands on one” but it sounds way cooler this way because it sounds like a pirate wrote this, so screw it, it’s staying), because it’s fun to have things like that from a thing you really like. As I’ve said in various articles, Minecraft needs to make its money outside of the single purchase. It’s why games have DLC and Season Passes and Guides–though I don’t know ANYONE who buys the guide anymore–because it’s extra money in the bank, but Minecraft doesn’t have paid DLC outside of the skin packs, so they make money there and then on all the other merchandise they make like these foam swords and pickaxes and t-shirts and everything else.

However, it made me start to think of what ELSE Minecraft could make. How far could they go? When something is super popular–like Minecraft is–they could theoretically (and often DO) make anything. ANYTHING. Look at what Hot Topic/Nickelodeon did to Invader Zim (outside of screwing Jhonen out of billions of dollars of course). They made t-shirts, steering wheel covers, book bags, plushies, wallets, belts, blankets, shoelaces and everything else you can imagine. So what could Minecraft make? I’d like to see how far they would push it, just for curiosities sake. So what could they do?

Personally, I’d like to see creative stuff more than just random “hey we slapped a Creeper on this, buy it!” pieces of merchandise. I’d like to see things that would be cool. Things like the Foam pickaxe, for instance, where it’s just COOL. I’ve also seen a Redstone lamp. It’s literally just a block that looks like a Redstone and it’s a lamp. It’s awesome. Stuff like THAT would be great. Things that are plausible and cool, for instance like the Weighted Companion Cube cookie jar, from Portal. That’s just cool. Or maybe a real life Minecraft chest. Just a chest that’s designed to look like it’s from the game. THAT would be neat.

I want creative, cool merchandise. Not just random ones that I SHOULD buy because it has something Minecraft related on it.

I don’t want Steve socks. I’m sorry.

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