Mining and crafting are two of the most important aspects of the game, so it’s obvious why this game is called Minecraft. Let’s first discuss mining.


To destroy blocks, just hold down your attack button until they break into pieces. You’ll notice as time goes on the block will begin to crack and then finally break. If you stop mining before it’s destroyed, the block will be restored to its original state. Destroying blocks plus killing monsters and animals will usually drop an item for you to pick up. Just stand over the item that comes out and it will automatically go into your inventory (unless it’s full). However, certain blocks will only drop items if you are using the correct tool. For example, in the beginning, you will only have your bare hands and can only “mine” basic blocks like wood from trees. You can break stone with your bare hands, but you won’t get the cobblestone that drops unless you use a pickaxe. Sometimes the items that drop are based on chance, like leather from cows, apples from tree leaves, bows from skeleton archers, and so on.

Using the correct tool to mine is important since it’s much more effective for mining specific blocks or doing certain tasks.

  • pickaxe

    Pickaxe: These will probably be your most used tool in the game since you need it to mine ores to make better tools and armor to progress through the game.

  • sword

    Sword: This is technically a weapon, but whatever. Swords are mainly for attacking monsters or animals, but can also be used to break specific blocks faster, such as cobwebs and leaves.

  • shovel

    Shovel: Used to dig dirt, grass, gravel, sand, and snow much faster than other tools.

  • axe

    Axe: Use these to chop anything made of wood and pumpkins faster than other tools.

  • hoe

    Hoe: Specifically designed for farming — used to till dirt and grass blocks for crops, including carrots, pumpkins, wheat, potatoes, and melons.

Besides dealing more damage, higher quality tools also mine faster. In the beginning, you will only be able to create wooden tools since you start off with just your fists. However, you can use a wooden pickaxe to mine cobblestone in order to make a stone pickaxe, which in turn can be used to mine iron and so on. A good way to remember is to just think of the density of each material and rank them low to high: wood, gold, stone, iron, and diamond. The only exception is that mining gold requires an iron pickaxe for some reason.


durability example

Tools and armor both have a property called durability, which means that they will wear down over time with use and eventually break. Here is a picture showing you the durability bars for the armor and weapons. The ones with red squares around them are the items about to break.

In case you forgot, armor will reduce external damage taken from enemy attacks but won’t reduce self-inflicted damage like falling, drowning, and so on. Armor quality is based on its density, and you can rank it like this: leather, gold, chain, iron, and diamond. Higher quality armor is more durable and reduces more damage.


You can visit the crafting page to see items you could craft. The idea is really simple: you arrange materials in a specific way on a 2×2 or 3×3 table to craft your desired item. Most crafting will be done in a 3×3 table, but to make one, you need to craft it in your inventory’s 2×2 table first. To do this, punch some trees and you’ll pick up wood blocks. Open your inventory, place the blocks in one square of the table, and the crafted item will appear in the output. Now you can click on the crafted item, which are wood planks in this case, and place them in your inventory.

breaking wood crafting wood planks

Now you can craft the 3×3 table by placing a wood plank in each square. You’ll need to separate the stacks of wood planks by right-clicking it and splitting it into two, and repeat if needed. Once you’ve crafted the 3×3 table, move it to your hotbar. Next, select it from your hotbar and place it anywhere on the ground by pressing the “use item” button (default is right-click). To use it, face the 3×3 table and right-click again.  Now you have access to the 3×3 table and can craft tools and more advanced items.

breaking wood crafting wood planks

Since pickaxes are required to progress through the game, you should learn how to craft one. Like any tool, pickaxes require sticks, which can be crafted by placing two wooden planks vertically in your 2×2 or 3×3 table. Once you’ve got sticks, place two sticks vertically in the middle and three wooden planks horizontally on top to make a ‘T’ shape, and you’ve got a pickaxe.

breaking wood crafting wood planks

That’s it for the basics. Now it’s time for the real thing.

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