When you start a new Survival world, you will be placed in a random area of a randomly generated, unique world. After you take a look around, you’ll notice somethings in your graphical user interface (GUI), or stat bars. You can see your armor, hearts (hit points), hunger, and experience bars at the bottom of the screen. Above your experience bar is your level, and at the very bottom is your hotbar.

Main Interface

main interface
  • Armor: You will start off with no armor and must find the right items to craft them. Armor consists of items that give you damage reduction, including helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots. The amount of damage reduced depends on what its made of. From least protective to most: leather, gold, chain, iron, and diamond. Armor also has its own “durability bar” and will eventually break when you lose all durability by receiving too much damage.
  • Hearts: You start off with 10 hearts, and each heart is equal to two hit points. Therefore, you have 20 total hit points and if you reach 0 hearts, you die. Any attacks from monsters or animals, other players, fall damage, or underwater damage will take hit points away. Your hit points can be regenerated if your hunger bar is full.

  • Hunger: Your hunger will drain over time, but sprinting and/or jumping will drain it even faster. If this bar reaches zero “food”, your hit points will slowly drain, leaving you with one hit point left (half a heart). Eating any type of food will restore some hunger. Some food, if uncooked, may not restore as much hunger and may poison you instead.
  • Experience: Mining certain blocks and killing monsters will drop experience (xp) orbs, which will allow you to level up. Leveling up is required to use enchantments.
  • Level: Your current level. Higher levels are required for specific enchantments.
  • Hotbar: this is used to quickly access items by pressing 1-9 (or using your mousewheel and mouse 3). However, your hotbar will be empty since you’ve got no items or blocks. Once you have some, you can place them into your hotbar from your inventory.


Go ahead and open your inventory (default button is “E”), and you’ll notice your armor slots, avatar, 2×2 crafting grid, crafting output, inventory, and your inventory hotbar.

main options
  • Armor slots: this is where you can place your armor. We’ll discuss how to craft armor later on.
  • Avatar: this represents what your character looks like and will change depending on what armor you have equipped and/or what skin you are wearing.
  • 2×2 crafting grid: this is where you can craft basic items that don’t need a 3×3 grid to craft, such as wooden planks, sticks, and torches. You can also craft the necessary 3×3 crafting table from this 2×2 grid, but we’ll discuss that later.
  • Inventory: this can hold quite a bit of items, especially since most items can stack on top of each other without taking additional space. This is your primary means of storing items.
  • Inventory hotbar: this is where you can transfer items from your inventory into your hotbar so that you can quickly access them later without having to open your inventory.

Now that you sort of understand what everything is, you should learn Minecraft’s basic mechanics next.

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