I’m Too Lazy to Play Video Games

April 2, 2013

uss enterprise aircraft carrier

I love Minecraft, as made obvious by my job writing here, but I have to admit, I do not have the patience that it takes to build stuff in that game. I can build homes, and by homes, I mean small compartments to put a bed and some chests in. And it’s not that I’m not capable of it, I just don’t have the patience to do it, which kind of ironically destroys the entire purpose of playing a game like Minecraft. The game is amazing because it allows you to build essentially anything you can think of, and I can think of a lot of things but I never want to take the time it actually takes to create that magnificent marvel.

And it’s disappointing because it kind of destroys my entire point of playing the game. When I play, I either try to do ridiculous things (like survive underground near a monster spawner) or just mine, but then I ask myself “Hey, if I don’t have the patience to build things, what am I mining for?” because it’s a legitimate question. I’m gathering materials to not build anything with. Sure, I could make tools with materials, but then I’m just making tools for things I’m not going to build. It depresses me because I see these people on YouTube build these elaborate awesome creations, and then I look at my puny little rendition of a “hut”.

I don’t want build a hut. I want to build something cool. Something useful. Something like a replica of a Spaceship, or maybe an enormous Castle.

Or a Red Lobster.

The Dilemma

My point is this. Video games are a time-suck. I like them but they are a commitment in time. Especially games like Fallout or Mass Effect where you know you are going to kiss your loved ones goodbye and play this game straight for the next 80-100 hours. So you take that into consideration with what Minecraft’s purpose is and you’re talking a thousand hour plus game. I have a hard enough time finding the energy to play regular games, like Bioshock Infinite or Tomb Raider. Playing Mass Effect 3 (ME3), it’s like…I will cancel all my plans for that weekend (I don’t have any plans for that weekend, but I needed an example) in order to fully immerse myself in it.

I just can’t do that for EVERY game. That’s why I’ve only played a few like that, and Minecraft is harder to justify because there’s no story or progress to be made, plot-wise. ME3 moves forward, towards an eventual conclusion. Minecraft is open ended. I’m not saying it’s a problem at all, that’s what makes Minecraft so damn cool. I’m just saying it makes me personally hesitant to play it more often.

And I realize this is a personal problem, but it gets more ironic because games like ME3 and Fallout 3 make me realize why I very much dislike this generation of gaming because it’s all about story and I grew up when playing games was about PLAYING GAMES. If I want a story, I’ll watch a movie or read a book. Sure, some games like ME3 or The Walking Dead do it right, and they’re phenomenal but they make me yearn for more “arcadey” type of games like Minecraft, but then my problems with Minecraft rear their ugly heads and I’m back at square one.

Hopefully it’s an issue that will solve itself and if not, I will just continue building giant penises in my game.

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