January 31, 2013

In today’s gaming world, we are accustomed to playing Multiplayer. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised–and some games like Brink and Shadowrun have already attempted this–if in the next few years or so, Multiplayer only games became the norm. It’s sad that people would rather have a multiplayer game than enjoy a fantastic narrative, but that’s not necessarily their fault because there are not a lot of fantastic narratives out anymore either.


And unless you have the best imagination in the world and nothing but time on your hands, Minecraft can also suffer from the Multiplayer aspect. Minecraft is a LOT more fun with more people, and it’s the only game I’ll say that about. I enjoy playing games by myself, but Minecraft is much more enjoyable when you’re with 1 other person or 8 other people or however many you wish to partake with. This does become a problem though, as I have essentially no friends who play Xbox with me outside of Matt, and not only do you have to have friends who play Xbox but on top of that they have to play Minecraft too. And this can be on the PC too; I’m just using the Xbox because that’s what I own.

Some Fun, Lonesome Stuff to Do

So Minecraft by myself is kind of a difficult thing to play, but I’ve come up with some ideas for things to do by yourself in Minecraft, because Minecraft is much more fun when you have a goal to strive to achieve as well.

  • minecraft potionTry and make a potion. Not only does this mean you have to gather materials, but you also have to gather some of them from the Nether. So you have to build a Nether Portal (which is a feat in and of itself, honestly) and then go through, not die, and search for Netherwarts. Matt and I have been searching for Netherwarts for…3 weeks now, I guess. We STILL haven’t found any. Not only did we end up in the Nether and not find any Netherwarts, we also ended up miles away from one another. I was stuck underground next to lava while he battled his way past Pigmen to find a dungeon. Eventually we did get home, but our mission was a failure. But every world is randomly generated and different, so your chances of finding a Netherwart are much better than ours have been.
  • minecraftMake a cool mine. The game is called “Minecraft”, for god sakes. Make an awesome mine. Every mine I have created either by myself or with Matt has been terribly dug. Directions going off in every which way, I don’t know how to get to the exit and often times you run out of materials. I would like to see a mine that is well dug out and well kept, with rooms in it with chests and the whole 9 yards. I think that’d be really cool. The problem with mining is you head in one direction, then turn and head another direction. Then, you often end up in a cavern that splits into 4 or more directions and you just go every way. Nobody ever stops and takes the time to turn their mine into anything personal or useful. Yeah, the purpose of a mine is to gather materials such as Coal or Iron or whatever you can find, but a lot of times you die, lose everything and can’t find your way back. Wouldn’t it be nice to maybe have a few rooms, have a few chests you could put your stuff in so you don’t lose it? Or perhaps to have a mine so well designed that if you DID in fact die, you could make it back easily without getting lose and find your stuff again.
  • Create a video series. Let’s face it, “Let’s Plays” are very popular these days, and you can pick up a pretty cheap camera that connects to your Xbox for nothin, or even record on your PC for free. You should try and create something out of your games. Minecraft is all about creating, so go for it, right? Have a different goal every video, and then attempt to accomplish that goal. Yeah, editing is hard work sometimes, and time consuming, but if you can find the audience, then it’s often worth it.

Speaking of selling out, here’s my Pilot episode for “Drunk Girls Playing Minecraft”. Leave your snarky comments at the door. Also, check out my blog: Hollywood is Now Dead.

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