I Am a Level 70 Miner

February 22, 2013

Minecraft is an interesting game when you break it down because it’s a bunch of different style games plowed into one package. You got your building type game (when you build cities and whatnot), you got your Sims type game (like when you farm and stuff) and now with the addition of the potions and the experience points (xp) and enchantments and whatnot, and you’ve got Minecraft ala World of Warcraft. When they first added in potions and xp, I was certainly skeptical. How was this going to help me? What purpose did it serve? Now, having used them, I still have these questions.


Let’s look at some of the potions that you can make in the game:

regeneration potionPotion of Regeneration
Restores health over time. This is a decent potion, because now that they’ve added food into the game, eating food doesn’t give your health back, so unless you’re on peaceful, getting your health back can be a pain. This is a practical potion for sure that could definitely come in handy.

swiftness potionPotion of Swiftness
Increases player’s movement, sprinting speed and jumping length. Now, I have to ask, since they added sprint to begin with…is this potion really that necessary? I don’t know about you, but sprinting is totally fine for me. I don’t really feel the need to go faster than sprint already is. Jumping length could be nice I guess, but this potion probably only could help a few people.

fire resistance potionPotion of Fire Resistance
Gives immunity to damage from fire, lava and ranged Blaze attacks. Again, I don’t see the need for this potion. How hard is it to just avoid fire and lava, and how often do people actually go to the Nether, let alone run into Blazes while being there? Unless they’re specifically looking for a Blaze Rod, I can’t imagine it’s often.

Potions have added a new dimension to the game, that’s for sure, but I can’t really help but see them as pretty much useless. Outside of the Potion of Regeneration, most of the potions (half of which have negative effects, by the way, you can look these up on the Minecraft Wiki), just seem kind of…pointless. Give me a useful potion. Give me something that will either change the way it plays or help me in an actual useful way. Give me a…Patronus or something! Come on now.

Experience Points

Let’s move onto the xp. This thing has one fatal flaw. I would be up for this idea if it didn’t mean that every time you died you lost all your xp. I want my character to have a level. I want to be a Lvl 9 character. Now, what purpose would that exactly serve? I’m not sure. I mean, it wouldn’t really make a difference if they gave your character more health as you leveled up because how often do you actually end up fighting something when you’re OUTSIDE a mine, and it wouldn’t make much a difference in terms of using your potions more effectively (having their effects last longer or something) either because as I said before, those are useless.

But I don’t like the idea that every time I die, I lose all my xp. But then I ask myself why? Well, yeah…why? It doesn’t matter, because much like the potions, the enchantments are also sort of useless. Especially since it seems that you can’t read what the enchantments are. When they first showed up in the 360 update, I couldn’t read the language they were printed in, you just chose one, and once again, half are negative to you. So not only can you not avoid a negative enchantment (which I don’t understand why they’re in the game to begin with, who wants to do BAD things to themselves?) but you can’t even READ WHICH ONES ARE NEGATIVE. You might be essentially using your xp to harm yourself. The hell is that?


Maybe this stuff just isn’t for me. I get the feeling this stuff appeals more to people who enjoy fantasy type things or enjoy RPGs more. I might just be the wrong kind of person for this stuff, and that’s fine, but I can’t help but notice flaws too.  So until they make this stuff better, I’m just going to keep dressing up like a wizard and scaring my neighbor’s kids. It’s a lot more fun.

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