Required Software

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed.
  • For the Minecraft browser version, you may need to update your web browser or install a newer one for maximum performance.

If your browser doesn’t install Minecraft, most of the time it disabled Java or blocked Minecraft for security reasons. Look for notifications on your browser to re-enable Java or unblock Minecraft. Some examples are below:

Firefox (v18)

Chrome (v24)

Safari (v6)


When you load the game, it will ask if you want to update. Agreeing will update your game to receive the required files.


Choose to play by yourself from the three modes: Survival, Creative, and Hardcore. In Survival mode, you will go on an adventure and try to survive against monsters and hunger. Hardcore mode is the same thing except you have only one life (no respawns). Creative mode will grant you the ability to fly and an infinite amount of all the blocks in the game so you can do or build whatever you please.


On the upper left corner you’ll see an icon to set your username. This is useful to play on cracked servers. Please note that the game must restart each time you change your username.

Cracked Servers
Since this is the free version of Minecraft, you can only connect to cracked servers, or servers that have disabled premium account authentication. You won’t be able to connect to official servers, or “vanilla” servers that do have the premium account authentication.

After you connect to a cracked server, you won’t be able to move. Before you can begin playing, cracked servers require you to register a password for your chosen username. Once you’re connected, press “t” on your keyboard. Next, type the following command and then press enter:

/register yourpassword yourpassword

In the example above I would have registered my password to be “yourpassword” (without quotes). You must enter it twice.

Lag Issues

1. Here are some more settings you can change to help Minecraft’s game-play become smoother:

  • Graphics: Fastminecraft video settings
  • Particles: Minimal
  • Performance: Max FPS
  • VSync: OFF

2. You may also want to try setting:

  • Advanced OpenGL: ON and/or
  • Render Distance: Small or Tiny.

3. Install the Optifine mod for Minecraft.
4. If you are still experiencing lag while playing Minecraft make sure you meet the System Requirements. Or ask yourself:

  • How good is my video card?
  • Are my actual video card settings too high? (Not Minecraft video settings)
  • Do I have “Switchable Graphics” and my computer is using the crappier video card for Minecraft instead of the good one?

You should consider buying a better video card or computer/laptop if your hardware sucks. Search on Google to see if your hardware is good enough. Turn down your video card settings. The most common problem is actually the Switchable Graphics configuration. If you believe this to be the culprit, right-click your desktop, and look for either Nvidia Control Panel or Configure Switchable Graphics. Here are a couple tutorial videos to have Minecraft run on your dedicated video card:



Minecraft runs on Java, so you should set java.exe or javaw.exe to High Performance


4. You can try setting java.exe or javaw.exe to high priority so your computer will allocate most of its resources to Minecraft. To do this:

  • Press the Windows button, then type taskmgr and press enter.
  • Select the Processes tab and type “j” until you find  java.exe or javaw.exe.
  • Now right-click it, then select Set Priority, then click on High.
  • Finally, click OK when it asks if you are sure.

setting java to high priority