Good Grief! – The Button

April 11, 2013

minecraft wooden buttonThis is a new segment I am starting called “Good Grief!”– ala Charlie Brown-where I give you great griefing ideas to use on your friends when you play Minecraft together.

This week’s good grief is going to cover something I call “The Button”. Buttons are, to me, one of the most underutilized items in the game. I rarely use them and I don’t ever really see anyone else use them either. I’m not saying people don’t, I’m just saying I never see it. But how much can you have with a button?

I’m about to show you.

The Idea

First off, build two homes — one for you and one for your friend. When you build your friend’s house, put a button on the wall but build the entire floor normally except for the one plank underneath the button, where he’ll stand to hit it. He most likely will not notice because the button itself will be enough of a curiosity gimmick to distract him.

That’s the thing. Curiosity is a horrible and yet hilarious thing. People want to understand things they don’t understand, and are attracted to mysterious things. If you build a button, chances are 97% that he will hit it. What’s best is that, as I said before, the button itself is already enough of a curiosity to entrance him to the point where he probably will not notice the single floorboard that’s now been replaced by a trap door.

The Plan

To accomplish this goal, when you’re building his house, you’re going to have to leave open a big enough space UNDERNEATH to put something for him to fall down into. That’s where the fun comes in. You can put ANYTHING (well maybe not Creepers, they may blow up, but it could be possible I guess), ranging from a room full of lava, room full of spiders or even a room full of skeletons if you can gather enough and have the patience.

It may take you a few hours to get just one fleeting moment of absolute terror and hilarity, but it’s gotta be worth it. It’s GOTTA be. Griefing actually does require a lot of time and effort to set up the trap, so you should probably know if you have the patience beforehand if you want to do these. Yeah, there are griefs that are easier than some elaborate prank, but they’re not nearly as fun. I don’t think anyway. It also does help to have a friend you consider kind of… ”stupid” or “gullible.” It just helps if you have someone who’s kinda dumb than someone who’s Sherlock Holmes and is going to deduce every inch of their home in excruciating detail.

That’s the thing about building the house. It can come off one of two ways: generous or suspicious. That’s also why it helps having a kind of stupid friend to do this to.

Anyway, I’ll be doing one of these a week (until I get tired of it or whatever), so come back next week for more Good Griefs!

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