Good Grief! – Creeper Cave

April 19, 2013

creeper caveHere we are, back once again, with Good Grief!, and this week is easier (well, that depends I guess), and will probably garner a better reaction than last week’s. In a previous article, I stated that every time someone sees a Creeper, they scream like a little bitch. This week’s Good Grief! is going to put that to the test, in the best way possible.

Step 1
Before we even get into this, know that this one could take a week or so to prepare, and you’ll see why as you continue reading. Start off alone once again, but this time, head to a mountain and begin mining. Don’t make it too complicated though, just mine straight down, essentially, and eventually you will get far enough down to start opening up a room. Make it pretty wide, because you’re going to need to get in and out of this room easily without dying a lot during this setup. Once you’ve made this wide room, head back outside.

Step 2
Now, go find a Creeper. Once you’ve found this Creeper, get him to follow you down the mine into the room. Creepers will follow you anywhere, so this should be pretty dang easy. Now, this is why I said to make it wide enough to get out of, because you’re going to need the space in the room to run around him without him blowing up. Once you’re out of the room, put some blocks in the entrance so he cannot escape. Repeat this step as many times as you think necessary; I personally would like to see the entire ROOM be filled with Creepers, but I’m not sure how long that’d take or how hard that’d be, so do whatever you think you can.

Step 3
This is very simple. Mine into another mountain until you find a few blocks of Obsidian, and take them. You will see why. Step 3 is getting your friend in. Now, before you even do this, make him a wooden pickaxe/sword and a torch. It has to be wooden, and you’ll see why in a moment. Tell your friend that you found a mine filled with diamond or gold or whatever you think they’d believe and you need him to protect you while you mine it. Make him go first down the mineshaft, otherwise this will NEVER work. Once he’s down there, tell him to open up the room (by breaking the dirt blocks you placed there so the Creepers wouldn’t escape) and once it’s gone just SHOVE HIM IN and put the Obsidian up quick. He won’t be able to get out because of the crappy tools you gave him, so tell him to light up the room, and a soon as he does and sees what you’ve given to him, oh the sheer horror that you’ll hear.

I understand this week’s Good Grief! is kind of the same as last weeks, in the sense of luring your friend somewhere filled with something horrible and then trapping said friend–although both are different enough–but I promise that next week will be different. I only just started this little series, so give me some time to come up with some really good stuff. Think of this as Griefing 101. This is the beginning stage. Soon, you will be a griefing master!

Anyway, come back next week for more Grief!

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