Good Grief! – Buckets Full of Lava

May 2, 2013

This is definitely a much easier grief, and one that you can do a million times to your friends in a million different ways and places. First off, start a game on creative, and add as many buckets of lava to your inventory that you can. Then, invite your friend. Now, as I said, you can do this to someone anywhere and at any point.

You could get your friend in their house–asking them to smelt some iron or cook something–then block up their front door, and get on the roof, open a hole and dump lava inside. Not only will it confuse and scare them, but it’ll be hilarious to see their reaction. But the house is just one option. You can also take your friend into a mine, down a long stairway down and–making sure they’re in front of you of course–let loose more lava.

Lava is kind of like the Creeper effect; everyone always is surprised and kind of scared by it the first few seconds, especially if they catch on fire or in the Creeper’s case, explode. But if you REALLY wanna have fun…oh boy.


When you get to creative mode, instead of adding buckets of lava, only add ONE bucket, and with it add a lot of TNT. TNT explodes if you set fire to it, in case you didn’t know. Now, this one is kind of a set up, so it will take some theatrics on your part, but if you’re up for it, it’ll be great. While in creative mode, go into a mine, and just dig a room. Then, add a LOT of gold ore into the room. Now, you’re going to have to sell this to your friend as, “I found the most amazing gold stash ever!” or something to that effect. Now, before you invite them, mine out the bottom of the floor and replace the whole thing with TNT blocks, but don’t put any torches outside of one, because it’ll show the floor and your friend will become suspicious. Once you’ve replaced the floor with TNT, invite your friend back in, and lead them to your “amazing goldmine”. Once they hit it, ask them to help mine it all out, and when their back is turned, back away, probably onto a ledge, and pull out your bucket of lava.

Set it loose, and RUN LIKE HELL.

The explosion and screaming that will ensue would probably be worth a recording for YouTube. Not only will your friend have NO IDEA what happened, they’ll be hit on a whole other level because they’ll think they lost an amazing gold mine, and curse themselves for it. If they question why YOU didn’t die, just say you were far enough away from the “creeper” that blew them up, and if they call you on it and catch you, well at least they exploded and you didn’t.

Griefing is so much fun, isn’t it?

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