Golem, I Choose You!

iron golemOne of the new features for the 360 edition of Minecraft is the Iron Golem. It won’t be available until the new title update hits but that could be any day now, so whatever. We already had Snow Golems introduced in an earlier update, and from what I’ve seen they’re basically the same thing but with a different build and agenda.

A Snow Golem is created with snow blocks and a pumpkin–it throws snowballs at hostile mobs, so it is not dangerous to you.

An Iron Golem is spawned in large NPC villages or created with blocks of iron and a pumpkin and attacks hostile mobs. However, this one attacks hostile mobs to protect villagers, unlike the Snow Golem.

You can create a Snow Golem (and soon Iron Golem) by either being in the real game or in creative mode. If you just want to see them in action, then do it in creative, but if you want it in your game for keeps then do it in survival. For a Snow Golem you need to have 3 snow blocks and a pumpkin. I also recommend doing this in creative just because pumpkins are a PAIN TO FIND. Stack your 3 snow blocks and on the third on top place the pumpkin and it will instantly come to life. It will walk around and trail snow behind it, and throw snowballs at bad guys. Don’t worry about them attacking you; they’re friendly to their creator.

If a Snow Golem walks over a mushroom, the mushroom will be destroyed and dropped as an item, and they also do not take fall damage. However, once killed, they will drop a maximum of 15 snowballs and like Endermen and Blazes, they take damage upon contact with water.

However their behavior is quite erratic, I’ve found as they throw snowballs at most hostile mobs up to 10 blocks away, which provokes them (as snowballs don’t do any damage obviously), so they’re almost suicidal in nature.

I guess you could say, they’re up to SNOW GOOD.

I’m really sorry about that.

Anyway I’ve made a bit of an ice palace in my creative world as you can see here, so it’s pretty cool because I put Snow Golems all around the outside and then I am going to remove the middle block of glass so they can throw snowballs at anything that comes close. I even had one as a pet for a while before I replaced him with Stewart S. Creeper, who is now enclosed in a glass structure in my house and forced to watch Matt Damon movies every single hour of every waking day until he gives me the antidote. But that’s a whole other story for a whole other day.

Now Iron Golems–and granted I’m going off of second hand information here as they’ve yet to be placed into the 360 version–are pretty much just like Snow Golems except they appear to have feet and actually do something for others outside of their selfish creator.

However, unlike Snow Golems, Iron Golems can just spawn into a village as long as there are 10 villagers and 21 houses (counted as doors, not buildings). While an Endermen can make a Snow Golem, it’s extraordinarily rare and they’re the only other beings that can do it besides the creator. Iron Golems can also be made like Snow Golems by just placing 3 iron blocks and a pumpkin on the top. Their main purpose is to defend the village and keep the villagers from getting killed. They also-unlike a Snow Golem-will attack the player if the player attacks them first or attacks a villager.

At some point in the future I may build another place in my creative mode like the snow palace but the iron palace instead and put Iron Golems outside to protect it, but we’ll see when the patch comes out.

I personally prefer-and granted I’ve obviously not used an Iron Golem yet so there’s room for change in my mind-the Snow Golem though. Just their demeanor and that stupid pumpkin head overall, I just find them to be more entertaining overall. I’m sure Iron Golems are much better for protection obviously, but come on. Snow Golems are like hanging out with Frosty the Snowman. Frosty the Snowman at Halloween when he’s wearing a pumpkin costume.

Who WOULDN’T want that?