Part 1 – Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to play Minecraft! A good choice! Much better than Call of Duty or Borderlands (but obviously not as good as SimAnt), and it will also teach you to embrace your imagination! Now, to be clear, this is a walkthrough for the game, yes, but I play the Xbox 360 version, so some of what I say (how to navigate your menus and whatnot) might be a bit awkward if you play the PC version, but bear with me, I will try to be as non-version specific as possible so anyone can use this guide. Let’s get started!

Well, after you finish your homework, young man. I’ll wait. Finished? Ok (I’ll check your math later), first thing is first, read the Basics section (right-hand side) if you haven’t already. It will show you what settings to use, the game’s general mechanics, and explain things like health and hunger, or Minecraft’s GUI (graphical user interface).

After you’re done, obviously start a new world now. Minecraft is a game where each new world is generated randomly, meaning things will NEVER be the same, but it doesn’t stop there as in fact everything in the game will continue to change while you play! You will have random encounters that will never end the same with all sorts of different enemies. Let’s run down a list of the enemies before we actually begin, just so we know what it is we’re really dealing with here.

Minecraft Monsters

The first are a pair; the Zombies and Skeletons:

minecraft zombie minecraft skeleton archer

The Skeleton and Zombies are paired here because they really are only found either at night or in a mine. See, these enemies cannot be in the sun, or they catch on fire, so you really have nothing to worry about when it comes to these guys. The Zombies are just like Zombies would be in the movies, they just attack and you eventually get bitten enough times and die. The Skeletons however have bows and arrows and will attack you, and sometimes you’ll even run into a Spider Jockey, which is a Skeleton riding a Spider, which is so hilarious to look at, you won’t even be scared of it. Really, just be careful in mines and all should be good. Zombies can be taken out pretty easily, but be more careful when fighting Skeletons.

Next, there’s the–possibly–most famous enemy from the game that we all know and love, The Creeper:

minecraft creeper
The Creeper is probably the most dangerous, mainly because it doesn’t really attack you, it just comes up on you silently and EXPLODES. While the other enemies at least attack and you have a fighting chance of fighting back and escaping, 99% of the time, if the Creeper has put you on its list of things to ruin for that day, your life is over. You CAN defeat them, but it’s very touchy. Definitely always watch your back out in the open and when you’re deep in mines for Creepers, as they’re pretty silent until they’re near you. If you hear a sudden hissing sound…RUN. If they are anywhere within a 16 block radius, they will come after you! They have a 1.5 second delay until they explode, so a good strategy to defeat them is to hit and run until it’s dead. Using sprint to charge your attack in order to push it back also works well, especially if you are facing multiple monsters.

Next would be the Spiders:

minecraft spiderSpiders are dangerous, but only at night or if you run into the poisonous ones deep in the mines. Otherwise, during the day, if you just leave them alone the Spiders have no real reason to attack you. Besides, you should never be outside at night anyway, so you’re going to have the easiest time with the Spiders I’ll say. However, they can jump in all directions and climb up walls, so they may be annoying to fight sometimes.

And finally, the Endermen:

minecraft-endermanThese guys are definitely the scariest just because of how creepy they look and how they don’t attack you unless you look at them. If they are at least 64 blocks away and you place your crosshairs on an Enderman, it will become hostile (unless you look at their feet). On top of that, they can teleport and make a very loud, long, spooky sound. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the scariest sounds in the game, if not, the scariest. Again, like the majority of enemies, you’ll mostly find them either at night or in mines, but you do sometimes come across an Enderman in the daytime. Just ignore him and he probably won’t attack you. If he does attack you… don’t expect to live. Endermen are actually very important when it comes to winning the game, so you WILL eventually have to face them, but for the time being, just let them be.

Now, there’s a whole slew of other enemies in The Nether that we haven’t discussed, but for the time being, I’m just going over what we run into on a day to day basis. The general enemies.

So, now that you have that knowledge, it’s time to start, and don’t worry about not knowing how to craft or not knowing what weapons or tools to use, as I’ll tell you everything I know and learning to craft is actually pretty easy.

So, let’s begin!

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