Download Minecraft 1.7.5

March 13, 2014

You can download version 1.7.5 using this torrent, or this if you want 1.7.4 instead. To open torrent files, you’ll need a program like uTorrent. This is the latest version and has full game functionality, including all three single-player modes (Survival, Hardcore, and Creative) as well as multiplayer support with other players online. The only thing you won’t be able to do is play on official Minecraft servers since you need a premium account to do that. There is no need to register an account, verify any e-mail, or do anything to start playing. By the way, if you like playing Minecraft, go ahead and purchase a premium account to support their extra hardworking developers!

Classic and Demo Versions

In case you haven’t tried Minecraft yet, there are also other ways to play it for free. Please note that these methods are legal and approved by Mojang. The most popular way is to play Minecraft Classic in your browser. Simply go to the official Minecraft site, and click on the link to Minecraft Classic and follow the instructions. This version is outdated, unsupported, and very limited. Players are only allowed to play creative mode and don’t have any specific objectives to complete. If you’d like to test an updated version of Minecraft, play the demo version. To play the demo version, you need to complete the following:

Players can choose to either play Minecraft in the browser or by downloading the java file onto their computers. Either way, the demo version will last for 100 in game hours, unless you use the free hours trick.

Free Hours in Minecraft Demo Version

Seeing how Notch openly promotes Minecraft piracy for those who can’t afford it, it’s safe to assume that this unlimited hours trick in the demo version is legal. Besides, this version is for single-player only. Assuming you already have a Minecraft account registered and verified and that you have the demo version installed:

  1. Open two instances of Minecraft.jar so that two Minecraft windows are side by side
  2. In one window, load your game world, then immediately click on ‘Save and quit to title’
  3. Now immediately load your game world again in the same window and pause it
  4. Next, click on ‘Reset demo world’ in the other window and then ‘Delete’ to confirm
  5. Resume your game in the paused game. You will get an error, but click on ‘Back to title screen’
  6. Finally, click on ‘Play demo world’ and you will spawn in your original world with 100 hours.

Once gamers defeat the Enderdragon in Minecraft, many of them don’t realize they can install mods and skins to further their gaming experience. If you don’t know what Minecraft is, check out our in depth review. Mods are modifications to Minecraft that allow players to customize skins, platforms, minerals, mechanics, and rules to a map. The only requirement is that both the host and the players must have the mod installed before playing together.

Free Mods and Servers

Using mods, Minecraft players can basically construct a new game mode from scratch. Besides playing the standard survival, hardcore, and creative modes, players can enjoy an infinitely customizable level created by others. Many players decide to play online on cracked servers with mods. To learn how you can play on these cracked servers, check out our help section.

As for finding mods to download, you can find many of them from the unofficial Minecraft Forum. Simply register an account, verify it with your email, and then start looking for mods. Each mod has its own thread and all the information and download links needed to begin playing.

minecraft forum logo

Similarly, a ton of servers can be found on the Minecraft Forum. Members can filter the searches to include survival, hardcore, or creative mode enabled servers. Members can also filter by what mods the servers have installed. To learn how to create your own Minecraft server at no cost, search it on Google or YouTube.