Diamonds are Forever

January 19, 2013

I’ve been playing Minecraft since the Xbox 360 Edition came out, so I was a little bit late to the game. My buddy Matt and I purchased it at the same time so that we could play together, and from what we had heard from other players or people just in forums was that they had trouble finding Coal and Diamond.

Coal & Diamond

coal oreCoal is the least of our troubles.

We will find Coal just about anywhere we dig. Just go to a mountain, start digging and you will find Coal, sometimes not even 3 blocks deep. Even after the game, we found Coal. I opened up my closet and there was Coal inside. I don’t know how it got there, or why it looked pixelated, but it was Coal. So it surprised us that Coal was the big one. But the other one we heard people had trouble with was finding Diamond.
diamond oreUntil one day, we discovered that by following a lava trail, we could find Diamond BY Lava. And so we put it to the test. We would log on, pick a new world (we did this maybe 5 times) and go find Lava. As soon as we found Lava, we dug right next to it and we ALWAYS found Diamond. So, Diamonds will almost always be found near Lava.

In fact, the harder part for us was finding Lava. Not only did we sometimes have to dig for hours just to come across it, but some of the worlds we created didn’t even HAVE Lava. But once we found it, we found Diamond almost instantaneously. And now with the enchanting table in the newest update, you can make a Diamond pickaxe even MORE indestructible. Unfortunately, you can’t really read what the enchantments are–they appear to be written in a weird language–and so you just have to get lucky.

Matt enchanted a Diamond pickaxe, which already lasts forever as it is, but with this enchantment (I believe it was called Unbreaking II) your Diamond pickaxe could fight for it’s country, get hit by a Nuclear Bomb, get stabbed in the face by a jealous ex girlfriend and STILL only have a smidgen of it’s durability taken away. The thing will last long after you’re dead. You physically, not your character. I mean after you yourself as a human being are put in the ground or in an urn or where ever you want to end up, your Diamond pickaxe will STILL be there, pickaxing away. Yeah that’s right, pickaxing. I said it. Deal with it.

What About Gold?

gold oreAnd let’s be honest, Gold is useless. I mean it really is. You can make armor out of it, but it breaks super quickly, especially if you get Creepered to death, and you can make Swords out of it, but they also break really fast. Gold is harder to find than Diamond, and yet Gold is the more useless one. Obviously it’s because Gold is just a weaker material, but still, it’s a shame. Maybe you could enchant your Gold Sword or something and make it last longer, but I’d just rather use an Iron one or a Diamond one.

So there you have it, Diamonds are near Lava. Valuable information, I feel. And Coal is everywhere, but that ones not as important. Coal’s just needy.

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