Part 5 – Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Well, it’s time to collect Diamond. Now, as I said, a lot of walkthroughs would have you do this a bit later, but I’m going to help you do it earlier because it’s going to make your life a billion times easier. Your Minecraft, not your regular life. You’ll still have to pay bills. So, gather your supplies, put on your armor and let’s go. Now, the one bit of info I have gathered about diamond is that it’s very close to lava. Unfortunately, this means you have to do 2 things:

  • Find lava
  • Not die in lava

Sounds a lot easier than it is. The problem with finding lava is that it’s rarely “findable” as much as it is “hey I wonder what’s behind this piece of cobble–OH GOD I’M BURNING, WHY!?!?!?!?” because that’s how finding lava goes. You can’t really find a specific place with lava, as much as lava just shows up. I will say I often find lava further down in the mines, near bedrock, but that’s just me and every world is randomly generated, so the only thing I can tell you is to just dig and be careful; not just of lava but monsters too. You never know when you’re mining and minding your own business when a spider will just decide to kill you.

ALWAYS be at least semi-aware of your surroundings.

And it’s not that you can’t find diamond somewhere else, it’s just that I’ve always found it near lava 99% of the time. But diamond–like any other resource; iron, coal, gold–can actually be found anywhere honestly, though it all boils down to luck. Also, mining will wear down your “food energy” bar quickly, so be sure to keep your eye on that and eat whenever the bar gets near empty, or halfway empty. So just go ahead and continue mining until you find some diamond. I’ll be here waiting.


Done? Okay, just let me finish this issue of Home & Garden.

Alright, now I’m going to do this in two ways, considering how you came across diamond. The first being if you found diamond just while mining, YOU ARE LUCKY. Just collect it and head back to the Bat Cave. Also, be aware that you can ONLY mine diamond with an iron pickaxe. I probably should’ve said that sooner. Now for the trickier option. If you’ve found diamond near lava, be careful for the love of god.

Lava is not only dangerous because you can die in it, but if you die in it, there’s the likelihood that the majority of your stuff will go into the lava and be lost, which would mean a lot of time, effort and resources are just wasted now. So always be cautious around lava, collecting diamond or not. But trying to mine something near lava is even more dangerous, because the item you’re mining could easily fall into lava too. Now granted the lava you find is just a little pool and not an enormous cavern, I’d usually just go ahead and take some cobblestone, and then put it over the lava so that you can’t fall in. This also just distinguishes the lava entirely, so it’s a pretty good tactic. Once you do that (if you do that) collect your diamond and be on your way.

If however you cannot do that because the lava is large in excess, I highly suggest just being very very careful. Maybe build a little wall around the diamond blocks and yourself to separate yourself from the lava so you don’t lose the item or your life. Once you’ve collected your diamond either way though, head back to the Bat Cave. Now, diamond (like gold) can be used for just about anything. Armor, tools, weapons; you name it. And diamond is honestly the strongest element in the game. A lot of people say Gold is good, but I’ve never found it very useful and the things I make out of it break pretty quickly and easily, so I just recommend using diamond.

Now you’re going to want to open up your crafting table and put that diamond to work. Hopefully you’ve found enough diamond to make multiple things. The first thing I’m going to recommend is the diamond pickaxe, mainly because it can be used as a tool AND a weapon, unlike the sword which is basically just a weapon. So craft yourself up a nice diamond pickaxe. Now, if you have diamond left over, do a sword too. If you have tons of diamond because you were super lucky, go ahead and craft some diamond armor, because that armor is going to save your life…trust me. The diamond pickaxe is the strongest thing in the game and will last you for eons. Centuries. Millenniums. Long after we are gone, researchers from a distant planet will find that diamond pickaxe and STILL BE ABLE TO USE IT. THAT’S how powerful this thing is.

To be honest, I would make a few diamond pickaxes instead of one and then a sword, but you do what you want.

Well, we have our diamond tools and possibly armor, and now we are invincible. What can we do at this point? Go put it to work. Go outside in the mine and test how well that pickaxe works and I guarantee you’ll be surprised and very pleased. And like I said, never use Gold for basically anything. Gold armor is okay, but gold tools break almost instantaneously. I can’t tell you how many gold pickaxes I’ve made that just break about 5 minutes into using them. Gold is a soft material, actually, which a lot of people don’t know (or at least MUCH softer than diamond) which is probably why it sucks to make things with, so at least the game is realistic in that sense, but always use diamond no matter what.

And when you find more diamond, make sure to go back and make more tools and armor. ALWAYS use your diamond. Don’t just put it into a chest and never use it. ALWAYS use it because you’re going to need it.

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