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November 7, 2013

One of the things I did while writing the amazing Minecraft Walkthrough (that is now available for viewing at only $9.99 every 3 letters!) was get into creative mode. See, I spent so much time only playing Survival with Matt, but alongside taking time off to do the guide, it turns out Matt also had a prior obligation to be part of some Sharknado or something, so he wasn’t around to do any Survival for a while. Those sharks man. They do some crazy stuff. But now that I’ve gotten into creative mode, I can safely say that it is INCREDIBLE the amount of things that you can do in this game.

I have always kind of discussed and praised Minecraft’s ability to be so open ended with its users and giving them the amazing amount of freedom that it does, but now I realize I never even took into account just how much freedom you have. Creative mode is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered, especially on a console game! A CONSOLE ARCADE GAME! So I loaded up creative one day and started fooling around. I came away after a good 5 hours or so with the following screenshots to share with you.

One of the things you may notice is the lack of landscape. I did this because it’s easier to create mountains and trees and landscaping than it is to BREAK DOWN already existing landscapes. You can load that up, it’s actually a feature, to start with a flat land and build whatever the hell you want.

I did NOT build the village but I did create some cool stuff WITHIN the village, like the wall of snow that is going to become Ice Kingdom, led by the Ice Queen. You may know her as YOUR MOM. BURN. BUUUUURN.

Jokes about your mom aside, I actually plan to do a new segment every now and then (which this article is sort of kicking off) like I did with “Good Grief!” (which also makes it’s triumphant return this next week) where I go into creative mode and make something really cool (which means you’ll also start to see more of my in game achievements) to show you to make or that I have made and prove what freedom you get in this mode (parentheses and run on sentences are fun!).

Creative mode is also cool because you can turn the game to peaceful-like you can in survival too-and just BUILD. No distractions, no Creepers, and you can even make it so fire doesn’t spread. I almost learned that one the hard way after nearly burning down one of my buildings because I built a pit of lava to throw things away into.

Either way you put it, creative mode is a blast and lets you explore…well…your truly creative side. It’s definitely time consuming and patience testing though, in a way that Survival is not, especially with it on peaceful. Without the danger and the daunting tasks of needing materials–because in creative you have everything literally handed to you–it really dumbs down the need to play the game for materials. You have no enemies to worry about and you also don’t need to find new material like coal or diamond. Time consuming depends on what you wish to do in it, but patience testing is true for everyone, I’m guessing. Not only did it take hours to make the little village I built myself (and the railroad track between my village and a town) but it really was kind of…boring?

I don’t want to say it isn’t fun, because it IS. But you definitely need to be willing to take the time and patience needed with it to complete what you want to do in it. Be aware I also may have had a different experience considering I started on a flatland. I had nothing to really explore. That’s another possible aspect too.

Either way, bust our creative mode if you have yet to and get to work! I’ll start sharing things in my world from here on out!

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