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April 18, 2013

left 4 dead minecraft mod

I was watching some YouTube videos of people building things in Minecraft, and then I saw the Achievement Hunter lads playing a game of Left 4 Dead (L4D) in Minecraft, claiming someone had built it from the ground up using just the game and that got me to thinking…

What are some games I would love to be crafted in mines?

Obviously, L4D is an easy choice and not that difficult. There are already zombies in the game so the weapons are the only thing you’d have to mod, and on the PC, there are a million mods for games, especially one as open as Minecraft which thrives on the community created content. So it makes sense to me that someone did L4D, but I love seeing people do ambitious stuff. I love seeing people do incredibly difficult things. I love seeing people really create a test for themselves, and walk away from a challenge with something they can truly be proud of presenting, like those guys who made the real life Toy Story movie. That was incredible.

So me personally, I would pick things that would be INCREDIBLY tough, but in the end be INCREDIBLY worthy of the time and effort put into them. Things like Bioshock Infinite (I‘ve seen someone remake some of Rapture already, and it was amazing) or Mass Effect. Call it Mine Effect. Bioshock Infiniminer. Ok that was a cheap shot, but still. Imagine how incredible it would be to play those games–or at least portions of them–in a Minecraft type world? Obviously Bioshock would be a hard one to pull off and probably is actually impossible, but I could see someone maybe doing scenes from Mass Effect or certain sets/planets because a lot of it is purely dialogue driven and walking around to checkpoints on your map at times.

And that’s my favorite thing about Minecraft over everything else; the creativity that it brings out in other people. I always hear “art is dead” or “oh, art is too hard”. No, it’s not dead and it’s not hard at ALL. Minecraft is a game that has given people tools to create absolutely amazing things, and it makes me happy to see such creativity still existing, especially on somewhere like the internet, where so much of our content is just rewording and regurgitating of other things people have already said or done. OC (original content, for all y’all not in the “know”) is pretty tough to come by these days and it’s why I do what I do. So power up those machines and get to work, folks!

I expect Oddworld: Mine’s Oddysee to be in my YouTube inbox by this Monday.

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