But What Comes Next?

May 12, 2013

gaming evolution

Change is inevitable.

Boy that really started out like an 18th century novel didn’t it? Wow. Sorry about that. But it is inevitable. I’m not trying to be Charles Dickens here or anything, but it’s true. You can’t fight change…well you CAN fight change but you’ll lose 99% of the time and the other 1% is also you losing and also dying and being set on fire. So, in the end, change is GONNA happen.

Especially in today’s society, where we go through new models of cell phones in months and a new computer becomes obsolete after a year or two now, change is definitely happening faster. Shit, just compare the internet NOW to the internet 10 years ago. We went from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook, and people ask, “Well what’s the successor to Facebook? What comes after it?” because a lot of people don’t think there WILL be one, but there WILL be. There WILL BE a successor to Facebook because eventually teenagers won’t want to be on a website filled with people in their 40s, and Facebook WILL become extinct, or at least change their model up like MySpace did.

Same has happened with gaming consoles. People thought the NES was the end all be all, then the N64 proved them–not me however–that they were wrong, and then the PS1 came along and changed EVERYTHING. Since the new Xbox is going to be premiered this month and the PS4 is on its way, this leaves me to question what the successor to Minecraft is and if there will be one? Let’s not kid ourselves, okay? Minecraft is a BIZARRE success. It’s good that it’s a success because it shows originality still has heavy presence in a world filled with a lot of the same stuff, but it’s definitely an odd success.

Never again will people be okay to just waste as much time in a game doing NOTHING that they are with Minecraft. It can never be replicated because people will always compare anything like it TO it, which is kind of unfair to the new game, but understandable as it’s what we do as a society and Minecraft really did set a bar for the type of game it is. And if there IS no successor, what happens? Does Minecraft just stay on forever like World of Warcraft (WoW)? I mean, look what happened there. WoW was supposed to be surpassed by Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). That was what everyone said would happen; that this Star Wars MMO would be the next one and knock WoW out of his spot, and guess what? It didn’t happen. SWTOR had a great launch but ultimately it seems to have plateaued and not have a leg to stand on. I think WoW and Minecraft came in at a time when we all wanted something like them. That and the overall replayability (well, for some of us, as I refuse to pay 15 dollars a month for a game I already paid 60 for, in WoW’s case) have seemed to help BOTH stay at the top.

If you look at Major Nelsons “most played” list every week on the Xbox, you’ll see that in the arcade, Minecraft is STILL #1 and it’s been over a YEAR. When it first came out, I think it even was #1 OVERALL. Not just arcade, but most played of ANYTHING on the console for that month or whatever. That’s a–and I don’t say this word often here–FUCKING impressive feat.

Frankly, I don’t want a successor. Minecraft not only is good, but it’s iconic. Everything in it is now iconic. Creepers, Endermen, the overall look of it. There may be games that come after it that are like it, that do become popular, but it’ll be like the Facebook issue. Teenagers will play the new one and we old folks will play Minecraft.

So here’s to your legacy, Minecraft, let us get drunk in honor of your Xbox birthday!

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