Part 15 – Building the End Portal

This is it guys, the home stretch.

Can you really believe it? How far we’ve come together? What ever shall we do once it’s all over? We can stay friends! Maybe more…I mean, if you’re comfortable with that and attractive enough. How about a movie later? No? Figures. Prude.

Anyway, this week we’re taking on the End Portal. Last time, I told you how to collect the Blaze Rods and construct the Eyes of Ender and whatnot. Well, now it’s time to put all that to work and go through the End Portal. I even told you how to use the Eye Of Ender to find an End Portal, but you don’t necessarily need to use that method. You can just come across one while in a fortress. It IS possible. Now an End Portal looks a lot like a Nether Portal, but with Eyes of Ender in the blocks to power it.

Why Endermen, who clearly know their pearls possess the power to allow you to construct this portal, visit their realm and kill their supposed leader, walk around so freely with them for you to collect…I don’t know. I think they’re possibly just stupid. It’s like walking around with a giant neon sign that says, “HE’S THIS WAY! STAB HIM IN THE FACE! IT’S HIS WEAKNESS!” Just not very sound thinking, but hey, what’re you gonna do.

You are going to want to set up a base of operations within the End Portals reach, just in case anything happens. Take everything that’s important, but even more so, take these items specifically:

  • Enchanted Bow
  • Diamond Armor
  • Diamond Sword
  • Eyes of Ender
  • Food
  • Bed

A chest and crafting table are things you could take too-in fact, they probably should be on the list-but you don’t necessarily NEED them, especially if you succeed on the first go.

SPOILER ALERT: You’re not going to succeed on the first go.

So what do we do here? We now find ourselves at the End Portal, gear in hand and a itchin’ to murder that final boss. Er, as final a boss can be anyway, being as there’s not techincally an end to this game, but what the hey, the guide has to end eventually right? If there’s ever an update or anything I can make additions to, feel free to check back! Who knows what the future may hold!? So first thing is first, as always, create a spawn point. That is absolutely the first thing you always want to do in a situation such as this, even if you’re just mining. This is especially helpful because if you die while in The End, you’re going to spawn here, as opposed to spawning where your bed used to be and having to find your way back.

Once you’ve got your spawn point, equip your gear, climb up onto that End Portal and start placing those Eyes Of Ender on there. I’ve included a photograph below to help you in case you can’t figure it out on your own.

Now, I highly suggest taking lots of food and your enchanted bow and a diamond sword and armor into The End. The bow especially. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even go to The End unless you have a lot of arrows. In fact, I’ll even add to that and say that you should probably enchant a few bows and collect a lot of arrows (or make them and just have regular bows) and keep them in a chest where the End Portal is because you are GOING to need them. I GUARANTEE it. An End Portal not only looks pretty much like a Nether Portal, it also works essentially the same. You just step inside and it automatically transfers you to a new place, however, I find the End Portal actually works faster than a Nether Portal does.

Well, that’s all the advice I have for you regarding End Portals. So let’s go kill that Dragon.

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