Bugs and Glitches – Part 1

March 6, 2013

So I was just derping around on YouTube, looking for fun stuff to do on Minecraft, and I started looking for bugs and glitches. Ha! Found some!


Here are some bugs I found (some of these may not work at this point in time because of updates):

  • Zombie pigmen in daylight will momentarily catch on fire
  • When a boat is stuck in a block, hitting it will not break it
  • If you build an iron golem up against a wall it will immediately start to suffocate
  • You can use enderpearls to teleport through nonsolid walls
  • Reloading a world will separate spider jockeys
  • Throwing enderpearls with good timing can allow you to teleport through the ceiling
  • Placing too many minecarts on the same rail will cause them to go all “blinky”
  • In creative, breaking the bottom half of a door does nothing, while breaking the top half drops the door
  • When you are standing in water, you can’t see nether portals (the swirly part)
  • Snow golems die under snowfall as if it were rainfall
  • Sometimes mobs will become temporarily immune to attack
  • Throwing an enderpearl and then dying before it hits the ground will still teleport you
  • Throwing too many enderpearls at once will crash your game (at least on my computer)

Just keep in mind, some of these MAY not work but I know some of them do because I tried them myself (like all of the enderpearls ones, half of which I figured out myself).


Going Crazy
One of the glitches I found is purely for fun. What you do is go into F5 mode, so that you are looking at your face. Then go put your face against a wall and open your inventory (survival is normal, creative go to survival inventory). Then just move your mouse around and watch the outside screen of your inventory. Your head will be completely spazzing out and vibrating!

Bouncy Items
Another fun glitch I found is an item bouncer. No, not bouncer like at a club. This item bouncer makes, well, bouncing items. What you do is put two stairs facing each other and throw a random item in the middle. I have NO idea how this works, but it does, and it’s pretty funny.

Ghost Mode
There is also a glitch called ghost mode where you float around like a ghost (not like creative flying, just floating in the air). Evidently the game thinks you are still in a certain spot, but your screen says another.

Multiplying Rails
If you like powered rails, then this next glitch is for you. You will need:

  • 3 x powered rails
  • 1 x sticky piston
  • 2 x repeaters
  • 1 x redstone torch
  • Some redstone
  • 1 x furnace

The way it works is the piston pushes the rail you place and it breaks into two or three rails.

Teleport Respawn
And finally, the strangest glitch of all. Well, it’s not really a glitch, but it does have some abnormalities to it. So imagine you have half a heart left, and there’s a zombie coming after you. What do you do? Throw all of your enderpearls up into the air and let yourself die. Then quickly press respawn and you will be teleported back to where your stuff is. Pretty neat, huh? I found this out when I was derping with a bunch of enderpearls.

There are glitches all over the place. Go look for some and be prepared to discover additional glitches while you are hunting for other glitches. They’re everywhere!

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