Part 13 – Bow to Me

Guys, this is it. We’ve got to do something now, something that will help you kill the Ender Dragon.

We need to craft a bow, but not just ANY bow…an enchanted bow.

Just follow my lead, ok? I mentioned earlier about leveling AND enchanting, but a bow is what you’re actually going to need to defeat the Ender Dragon, and I’ll explain in a bit why this is needed when you actually get there to face him. Or her. Could be a chick dragon, I don’t know. Don’t wanna discriminate. Either way, just trust me on this one, ok? First, you’re going to need to make a bow, and a LOT of arrows. Arrows require either finding them from Skeleton Archer corpses or crafting them yourself, which means you’ll be needing:

  • Flint
  • Sticks
  • Feathers

Flint can easily be gained by digging through gravel, and sticks are easy to get just from trees. Feathers you will either find around the world (Skeleton Archers actually drop these quite often as well as Zombies, so be aware) or killing chickens. I personally don’t think it matters which course of action you take in regards to getting feathers as you’ll need to fight Skeleton Archers anyway, so do one or the other or hey, just do both. Both will probably make things go faster, and efficiency is what we’re all about ‘round these here parts.

So now, onto bows. A bow is crafted using spider string and sticks. You will need 3 of each in order to craft a bow. Once again, sticks are easily gained from trees while spider string are…well, if you can’t finish that sentence on your own, you need more help than I can offer, frankly. A bow is also a rare drop from a Skeleton Archer, so you may get lucky and just find one, but there’s a good reason it’s called a “rare drop”. Bows are long ranged weapons, obviously, and frankly I think pretty useless as a weapon outside of using it in the Nether or against the Ender Dragon, but they’re also a pain because they require an accessory, which is the arrows.

Anyway, go gather your materials, and meet me back here once you’ve got arrows and a bow. This is all you now, boy. Or girl. I’ll be waiting.

Back? No? Geez you take forever.

Back yet? Ok good. Now that you’ve done that, now comes the hard part. I know, I know, you’re going “What!? THAT wasn’t the hard part?!” and you’re right, it wasn’t. How perceptive of you to notice. I bet you do well in school. And also yes, that wasn’t the hard part. The hard part is enchanting, which I’ve thankfully already taught you. Now while you’re screaming “Hey, you said enchanting is useless!”, well, yeah I did. So what? Sue me.

Please don’t sue me.

But it’s true. I do admit to saying that, but I also admit to it possibly helping you, and now I’ve realized that not only is this the worst guide ever written, but it’s incredibly helpful in defeating the Ender Dragon. First things first; get to level 30. Mining Redstone in particular gives you a LOT of experience, but remember that if you die, you will lose all your experience too, so be incredibly careful during this portion. In fact, I HIGHLY recommend you wear some good armor for this entire final portion. As I said previously, pretty much anything gives you experience, especially killing enemies (in fact, if you want to kill Endermen, I’d recommend that just to make your life easier for this next part of the guide, but be aware you also have a MUCH higher chance of dying and losing all your XP this way) and as I said, mining Redstone. I don’t know what it is about Redstone in particular; it’s just generous like that.

So go underground and dig away. Level up. Come back to me when you’re finished.

I’ll go ahead and explain now why you will want this enchanted bow. Not only does a decent enchantment make the bow stronger, but the Ender Dragon can only be defeated by first destroying little orbs that float on top of towers from which he/she draws its strength from. I did this the stupid way and tried to just bring Cobblestone in with me, climb to the top and hit them with a sword. Didn’t work. Turns out the things explode and I got murdered more than once, and not just by my own idiocy. This is why a bow, especially a stronger enchanted bow, is the way to go. You can dodge the Ender Dragon AND shoot from the ground without having the make sure you’re safe while building up. Plus, you won’t get hurt via orb explosion. This is crucial. A bow is actually going to help you win this.

Now remember that I had given you an alphabet translation too in the enchantment walkthrough entry, so be sure to go back and use that so you know exactly what it is you’re picking, because by picking at complete random, you may get something horrible. Also, if you only get something horrible or not that decent, you will lose all your experience points–as it goes to the bow itself–and have to do this ALL. OVER. AGAIN. And let’s be honest…nobody wants that, am I right? Enchanted bows are necessary as you COULD do this theoretically with a regular bow, but I recommend the enchantment purely because it might help. So take that enchanted bow once you’ve picked which one you want to enchant it with, and put it somewhere in your inventory.

We’re going to the Nether.

And it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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