Good Grief! – The Button

by April 11, 2013

This is a new segment I am starting called “Good Grief!”– ala Charlie Brown-where I give you great griefing ideas to use on your friends when you play Minecraft together. This week’s good grief is going to cover something I call “The Button”. Buttons are, to me, one of the most underutilized items in the […]

A Giant Pack of Spiders

by April 7, 2013

One of the cooler aspects in Minecraft that I never see people talk about is taming wolves. I mean, that’s really cool. Here’s a wild animal and you can tame it to make it your pal and go have wolf adventures. It’s just one of the under the radar sort of things in the game […]

I’m Too Lazy to Play Video Games

by April 2, 2013

I love Minecraft, as made obvious by my job writing here, but I have to admit, I do not have the patience that it takes to build stuff in that game. I can build homes, and by homes, I mean small compartments to put a bed and some chests in. And it’s not that I’m […]

Blocky Charm

by March 29, 2013

I was reading a thread a while back (and I just realized how often I start articles with that exact same statement) and it was all about graphics. I know I’ve said before that graphics don’t matter to me, but I did get somewhat annoyed when someone said that Minecraft had bad graphics. Obviously graphical […]

An Apple A Day

by March 27, 2013

I always praise this game, but I’m going to actually complain about something for once. I hate the update they’ve made where eating food doesn’t give you back health, it gives you back “energy” or whatever you wanna call it. Now, I think on different difficulty settings it may give you hearts back, but on […]

A Sort of Kind of Xbox 360 Exclusive

by March 23, 2013

I read a news headline this week that went like this: “Minecraft is being released!…ON RETAIL DISC!” And my reaction to it was the way the kid reacted in those cereal commercials from the 90’s. “I just had Reese’s for breakfast!” “You had Candy for breakfast!?” “No, Reese’s Puff Cereal!” It was shock. I couldn’t […]

Minecraft Content

by March 19, 2013

Downloadable content (DLC), map packs, expansion packs and extra content pre-order bonuses and what have you are such important parts of gaming these days, that it’s obvious that if a game does well enough on its own, you’re gonna release DLC for it. Minecraft is interesting though in the sense that what they release are […]