Spider Jockey

by May 20, 2013

Can we just, for one second stop, and talk about how stupid the Spiderjockey is? I mean, in a game with endless AWESOME “villains”–Endermen, Ender Dragon, Creepers; these iconic characters known to be evil–we have “Spiderjockey”. Really? I mean, it just doesn’t invoke fear or anything; it’s just…kinda dopey lookin’. I see a spider at […]

Save The Pixels!

by May 16, 2013

I’ve heard a lot of arguments about video games affecting real life–for example the lunatics who think video game violence cause real life violence–and how it makes people think or feel. For example, I’ve heard a lot of negative things obviously, like the one I’ve stated above or the idea that because women are represented […]

But What Comes Next?

by May 12, 2013

Change is inevitable. Boy that really started out like an 18th century novel didn’t it? Wow. Sorry about that. But it is inevitable. I’m not trying to be Charles Dickens here or anything, but it’s true. You can’t fight change…well you CAN fight change but you’ll lose 99% of the time and the other 1% […]

Uwe Boll’s “Minecraft”

by May 10, 2013

Video game movies have had SUCH a terrible reputation, starting with Super Mario Bros., which made a stain on the genre that has since never been washed off. And since then, almost ALL video game movies are just utter garbage. Let’s run down this list, shall we? Max Payne House of the Dead Tomb Raider […]


by May 8, 2013

Yesterday, I was in GameStop and saw an ad for a foam pickaxe from Minecraft for 21.99 and instantly wanted it. I’ve been decorating my bedroom in stuff like that lately, and I really wanted to put it on the wall, yet, when I asked if it was available, I was informed that it wasn’t […]

The End…Of My Rope

by May 6, 2013

So my friend Matt and I finally loaded up The End. Well, first we had to find an End Portal, so we started a new game and started to dig…and everything was a dead end with monster spawners. It was the worst world ever. I mean, had we just been playing for resources, we would’ve […]

Hunger Games

by May 5, 2013

Anyone out there ever seen The Hunger Games? Show of hands? Kidding, this is the Internet… Anyways, the Hunger Games in Minecraft are pretty awesome. Rules are basic: survive, and don’t destroy blocks (except mushrooms). There are several hidden chests (well, some are pretty obvious) around the map with random gear. The trick is that […]