This weeks Good Grief! is a bit tedious, honestly, but it’ll be funny if it works, and it should as we are creatures of detail.

Start a world. Nothing fancy, just simple. Spawn a new world, and then invite your friend. Play. Just play, and have fun, build a house and have your friend build a house, and decorate it and all that.

Then, while your friend is gone–not playing, like he’s busy doing something else and is offline completely–start up the game and go invisible on XBL. You can do this because you’re the host. You HAVE to be the host to do this. Go to your friends house and just make small tweaks to things, maybe a few bricks in the back of his house are now yellow wool. Go inside and switch his chests to the other side of the room. Small shit like that.

Then wait for a few weeks. You have to give it enough time so that he thinks this is just a mistake, otherwise it’s suspicious. It’ll be fresh in his memory of how he built this stuff if you only wait a few days. Invite your friend back into the game, and get them back to their house. Now…you can do this one of two ways. You can either “find the change” yourself, or allow them to do it. Frankly, whatever you decide to do is fine as I think they both work, although I personally recommend allowing them to find it themselves and then you feign ignorance. If you find it and tell them “Hey why is this Wool” it’s a bit odd because why were you in the back of their house? How did you find that? See what I mean?

So allow them to find the changes and say you don’t know what they’re talking about, and let them change it if they want. Then, repeat the 1st step of changing stuff while they’re gone for a while, as you slowly continue to tweak minor things in his home.

Eventually, he’ll become so frustrated he’ll either rage quit, claiming that the game is bugged or something, or just think that he’s an idiot. Either is fine, I guess.

It’s fun to slowly drive people mad isn’t it? BUT WAIT. As always there’s one last trick up our sleeve. Want to REALLY peeve him off? Do this. Admit to tweaking the place. Take all responsibility and say you’re sorry and that you went back in and fixed everything you changed, BUT leave one block in the ceiling to come down. Know what I mean? From the ceiling, put ANOTHER block down, like you accidentally put a block on top of one. When they question it, say you must’ve just put it by accident, and tell them to get rid of it.

When they knock the block out, from that hollowed space will fall a creeper that you spawned in their ceiling, which will land on top of them and explode in a magnificent blast of fury and chaos, causing your friend to…

…well probably murder you actually, in real life. You have been kind of a dick to him.

Good Grief! – Water, Water Everywhere

by November 14, 2013

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Creative Corner

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Skin Pack #5000

by October 31, 2013

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Bad Architecture

by June 3, 2013

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by May 29, 2013

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by May 25, 2013

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