Part 14 – Blaze It

A lot of this is actually going to be a repeat from a few previous pieces of this walkthrough. Think of it as your final exam.

We’re so very close to the end of the game by this point, so let’s get ready.

Last time, I mentioned crafting an Eye of Ender, which included murdering numerous Endermen (you need 12 altogether, but you really only need 6 or so because there’s usually already 6 in the end portal) to get their Ender Pearls–sometimes they don’t drop anything, so don’t be discouraged either, ok?–and craft an Eye Of Ender. To do this, you will need a Blaze Rod and an Ender Pearl. Blaze Rods can only be obtained in the Nether, so wear your armor once more as we dive back into that evil hole known as the Nether once more and hopefully for the final time.

So far I’ve held your hand while guiding you through breeding, farming, supply gathering and everything else so this time it’s all up to you, young padawan, to use what I have taught you here to finish this quest. Go now, my child. Make me proud.

First, you’ll have to construct a Nether Portal, which hopefully you either still have the one you originally should’ve made when following this guide, or you will have to create a whole new one. To craft a Nether Portal, you will need Obsidian, so go mine until you find Lava (or Obsidian itself, but be aware it can only be mined by a Diamond Pickaxe) and pour water on it or vice versa. Once you have gathered your Obsidian, you can craft your portal. Now, the Blaze are one of the toughest enemies in the game, I feel, made only tougher by the fact that you’re avoiding certain death from everything else around you while fighting them.

This is a Blaze, and this is a Blaze Rod. Again, like the Endermen, they don’t ALWAYS drop something, so keep on fighting until you get one (or rather, get 6 or so). Hopefully you will simply stumble upon a dungeon or fortress and find a monster spawner that spawns Blazes. But even then, killing a Blaze is tough because as I said, not only are you avoiding narrow death from Ghasts and Magma Cubes but you’re also fighting an enemy that FLIES. That’s right, the Blaze is not actually an enemy you can take down on the ground. You will have to either bring a bow or kill it with a sword if you can get close enough.

Thankfully, we happen to have just crafted an enchanted bow. Interesting timing, no?

So go on through to the Nether, and take only what it essential. I suggest armor, a sword, some food and the bow. Also take your bed, because what you’ll want to do immediately is get your spawn point as soon as you get there. As soon as you’re in the Nether, run to the nearest wall and just start digging into it. You can also bring Cobblestone, if you wish, because Ghasts cannot blow through Cobblestone, so it may help you, I don’t know. That’s personally up to you. Now, once you’re in that wall, secure youself, light it up with a torch and put your bed down. This is all because of your bow. If you lose this bow, that’s a whole 30 levels that you’re going to have to get back, and it takes a while despite my earlier statements about leveling being slightly easy, which really just all depends on method. At least this way you spawn here and can rush to get your items, given they don’t fall in the lava.

Once that’s done, it’s time to go Blaze hunting.

I strongly recommend finding a fortress, as I think that’s the only place they can even spawn to be honest. As always–but more so now–be EXTREMELY careful. And as I’ve said before, don’t worry about the Zombie Pigmen, as they are much like the Spiders during the day; they will not attack you unless you attack them first, so it’s best overall to just ignore them. Once you find either a fortress or perhaps just a spawner with Blazes, kill those things, but try and do it over a solid ground and not lava or anywhere the rods may fall that will be impossible to get them back. Once you have gathered 6 (I HIGHLY recommend getting all 12, just to be safe, but that’s just me), just turn tail and cheese it back to your portal, OR, dismantle the portal when you arrive and bring it WITH you so you can easily reconstruct it later rather than having to hike it all over the place trying to find where you came in from.

Thankfully it only takes 2 items to craft an Eye of Ender. Unfortunately, it also means taking on some of the toughest and scariest dudes in the whole game.

Once you’re back, sleep and get your spawn back. The LAST thing you need to have happen is to die some really stupid way and spawn back in the Nether. Well, now it’s morning, and it’s Endermen hunting time. Thankfully, unlike the Blaze, the Endermen is actually a slightly easy enemy to find. They come out during the day, the night AND can be found above OR below ground. They will disappear in the rain though, however. Just use my previous walkthrough entry about the Endermen to kill them and gather your supplies, which I’ll horribly paraphrase here:

Find Endermen + hit them in the legs + get Ender Pearls= PROFIT.

Craft those, and put them in a new, secure chest in the Batcave. Now you’re prepared as far as finding the portal. HOWEVER, I actually recommend getting more than you need because you will need to use one of the Eyes to FIND the portal, and they can easily break in the process, so you don’t want to come up short one or two and have to go back to the Nether and everything.

Now that that’s done, it’s time to finally find an End Portal, and take on the Ender Dragon.

This is it guys. I’m going to miss you.

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