Part 3 – Be Ready in 5

So now that it’s daytime, you’re ready to begin your journey. Now, before you leave to the mines, we have one more preparation to make. We need weapons! Weapons are fun, aren’t they?

But before we can have weapons, we need to build them. Now, one of the big things about Minecraft is the amount of changes you can have concerning weapons (and tools too), whether it’s the different types of tools/weapons or the enchantments you can place on them. But we’ll get to the enchantments at a later point. This is just about the weapons/tools themselves. You’re going to need a weapon and a tool, right off the bat, and it’s fine if they’re the basic ones. In the Mechanics section, I taught you how to get wood and sticks from wood, which you’re going to need to make these.

There are a few different weapons you can make, and they are:

  • sword

    The Sword

  • bow

    The Bow & Arrows

  • axe

    Axe (which doubles as a tool AND a weapon)

There are different types of tools and weapons you can make. But for the time being, let’s make a wooden sword, purely because we have wood on us. It’s easy, just go to your crafting table and choose the tools tab, then select the sword and craft it. VERY simple. So simple in fact, a monkey could do it. So simple in fact, a monkey DID do it. I held a scientific study in my apartment where I had a monkey attempt to create a wooden sword in the game, and he not only completed the goal but he also learned German and typed the entire works of Shakespeare while doing it.

I hear that Monkey works for NASA now. He’s going places with his life.

But back to the sword; a wooden sword is a good enough starter weapon, and don’t worry, you’ll probably be able to upgrade by the end of this part of the walkthrough. I usually use cobblestone the majority of the time, except for my pickaxes, which I ALWAYS have a Diamond one of. I find Gold to be a bit useless and breaks 99% of the time, so stay away from that. Cobblestone is the perfect medium where it’ll last you a long enough time, and doesn’t require that many materials/resources to make, so you don’t feel cheated by using it. You should already have a wooden pickaxe, so you can mine cobblestone (from stone blocks) and then craft a stone pickaxe and sword. Also, you can have armor to give yourself more protection, but don’t worry about that right now, you’ll get that eventually. Right now I just want to focus on getting you into the mine and gathering more resources. Make MULTIPLE pickaxes and swords, just because they break easily after excessive use, and you will be gathering materials so you won’t have your crafting table with you.

Aside from weapons, you’ll also need to mine a bunch of coal. Coal is important because you need it to craft torches, cook food, and smelt iron and diamond ores. However, one thing you MUST do is mine some cobblestone and make a furnace so you can cook food. Raw meat can be found by killing pigs, cows, and chickens.

Coal Ores

Cooking makes the food restore more hunger, plus you won’t get food poisoning. To cook food, place the furnace down and hit the use button to activate it (like a crafting table). You’ll see three slots. The top slot is what you want to cook, the bottom one is for the fuel, and the right most is the output (cooked meat). The fuel can be coal, charcoal, or anything made of wood. Once fuel is inserted, it will take about 10 seconds to cook the food.


Minecraft–though it didn’t used to be this way–makes you eat to keep your health/energy up, so you’re going to need to bring some food with you (also some torches, so make sure to make some torches again while you’re at home). Gathering food is very easy, just go out and find cows or pigs and kill them, take the food and cook it. I recommend cooking it, though you don’t HAVE to, because it gives you more health, and trust me, you’re going to need it with all the stuff you’re going to be getting into. Let me just put it this way; sometimes you’re your own worst enemy. So, once you have your food, tools and weapons, it’s time to head on down to the mines.

This will either be the make or break moment for you, deciding whether or not you enjoy this game, as the mining sections can be pretty dang tedious and repetitive. If you don’t enjoy it, I completely understand.

If you do enjoy it, take my hand and let’s champion this together, as one.

That was kinda creepy.

But there’s one last thing I want you to do before you begin the descent downwards…dig up some of the cobblestone from whichever area you decide to head down into. Don’t go into the mine yet, just dig up some cobblestone-and I’d recommend making your mine entrance very close to your home-and take it back to your house and create some stone pickaxes. Trust me; you’re going to need them.

Now, ready? Let’s do this.

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