Angus Creeper

March 11, 2013

Last week, I sat down and checked my mail and saw I got this letter from Angus Creeper. I decided to share it here with you.

Dear Minecraft Players,

My name is Angus Creeper. I am a Creeper who got offended by the game Minecraft and left, early on in the games success. I’ve now found a beautiful wife and am trying to live out a nice existence in Arizona. But…I feel the need to bring this up. I am not a bad guy. In fact, none of us Creepers are. You’re invading our homes. You–the players–are invading our homes and taking our resources, destroying our habitats natural beauty. Now, I’m not one to be green (hahaha get it?) but I am really for saving the Minecraft environment.

I even started my own charity here in Arizona called “Pixel Planet” where we try to protect the digital worlds in video games. So far, we’ve raised $3.75 and a glazed donut that the Janitor left behind one night at one of our fundraisers.

But I am tired of the misconception that I am a bad creature or person or whatever you see me as. I don’t explode because I hate you. I explode out of stress. How would you like it if someone came into YOUR world, your domain, and just started ruining it and building stuff-without permits, I’m sure, or even a friggin’ Architecture degree and your home was now worthless? I didn’t like it one bit, and neither do the other Creepers, might I add. That’s why I explode, out of anger and stress. We’ve been misrepresented, I believe, by the gaming community. I’m here to defend our honor and tell you that NO, we’re NOT really like that.

In fact, we welcome anyone and everyone into our world if they’re friendly, but some people set the forests on fire…they blow our mines up with TNT…they kill villagers. Helpless villagers! AND THEN ROB THEM! I can no longer just sit back and watch you players destroy our homes that we love so much.

I can’t even go out anymore to the grocery store or a lovely dinner with my wife because children cry when they see me and some guys threaten to kill me if I don’t leave! I’m facing discrimination, and that isn’t right! Nobody should have to face discrimination, no matter your race, your gender or your texture.

I want the Creepers of the world to unite, and stand in solidarity with me to say we have had ENOUGH. We are DONE. We are mad as hell and we want our land back! I am about to be a father, and it’s a bouncing baby girl, who like me is also a Creeper. I cannot have her raised in a world where she’s denied rights just because of her pixel count or someone’s outdated ideas of us being dangerous!

No. The time is now. Share my message and let’s take back the world of Minecraft.

Thank you for listening,
Angus Creeper

angus the creeperHe included this photo. Maybe it’s time; maybe it is time that we stop thinking about ourselves and start giving back. Donate to Pixel Planet today, whatever you can, whether it’s a 5, a 10 or just a Crueller. Stop the hate. Save the Creepers.

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