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March 27, 2013

fuuuuuuI always praise this game, but I’m going to actually complain about something for once. I hate the update they’ve made where eating food doesn’t give you back health, it gives you back “energy” or whatever you wanna call it. Now, I think on different difficulty settings it may give you hearts back, but on my games (I’m usually playing survival), if I eat food it just gives me more energy. Not that that’s a bad thing, exactly, because you need more than 3 “food” (I don’t know what to call it, energy or what) in order to sprint, so it obviously has it uses but I miss being able to up my health.

Back when I first started playing Minecraft, if I was lost in a mine and fell or out being chased by spiders at night and got home safely but had lost some health, all I had to do was eat some food and get my hearts back. Now, that just gives you energy, not health. And I would be OK with this if you could get health back by sleeping but–and once again, maybe you can on other settings–you can’t on Survival! And that’s weird to me because it seems like sleeping would be the way around this problem. Nope. Now the only way to regain hearts without a potion is to DIE. Which is kind of ironic. To become healthier…you must DIE.

That’s like getting the flu so you become stronger against the flu. It works, but it’s bizarre.

And in real life, if you die, you’re dead. You don’t come back feeling better. Nobody has ever died and then sprung back up 2 minutes later feeling totally fine. That’s never happened, and probably never will. And I recognize that this is a personal pet peeve, and might not affect or even bother other people but it does to me and I get to write what I want here so I am.

It’s one of the few changes they’ve made that’s really negatively affected me in terms of wanting to play the game. Plus, as I said above, you can regain health by potions but as I’ve stated in previous articles, I cannot make potions. Which is not the games fault, that’s MY fault. I’m stupid. I accept this. It’s not only too time consuming, it’s that some of the things to find (like Nether Warts, as I’ve mentioned before) are incredibly difficult to find, in my world anyway. So as much as I love the game, I really am annoyed by this, especially when I need to get health back and the only way is to die, and what if I’m nowhere near my respawn spot? I’ll have to run to gather my things again, and I know they give you like a 5 minute window, but still.

Sure, minor annoyances at best, and sure it could just be something that only annoys me, but dammit that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying. It is, and there’s so many things in this world that are much more annoying than this that I know it seems like a silly thing to complain about.

But what about them airline peanuts!?

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