What is Minecraft?

Minecraft isn’t your ordinary game–it’s a beautifully made sandbox game that’s virtually limitless. The main concept of the game, as you might guess, is to mine blocks and materials, which can then be used to craft more advanced items. The purpose of the game depends what mode you play (Creative, Survival, or Hardcore), and what mods and/or maps are running.

In the Creative mode, there isn’t a purpose. Simply do as you like with unlimited resources and flying capabilities, as this mode is best for just messing around and having fun. Survival is the main game mode, where the player obviously tries to survive in a randomly generated world and defeat the Ender Dragon. Hardcore is the same as Survival, except when you die, you don’t respawn.

Originally conceived by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson (Notch Development AB) on the PC, Minecraft soon after was developed and published by Mojang AB in 2011. Although an indie game, it certainly surpassed everyone’s expectations during its launch. With wide coverage from popular social media outlets such as YouTube, Minecraft grew exponentially and instantly became “the game” to play. It captivated gamers all around the world with its unique, “blocky” graphics and incredible replay ability. As of today, the game sold over 11 million PC copies, 10 million Pocket Edition copies (mobile), and 7 million Xbox Live Arcade copies, totaling over 28 million copies overall. It’s no surprise that Minecraft won many awards, and that Notch was nominated #2 in Time’s top 100 influential people of 2013. Minecraft may seem like a simple child’s game, but in reality, it’s a highly complex game that is loved by players of all ages.

Who are We?

Our site is an unofficial Minecraft fan site that serves as a free alternative to the full PC version of Minecraft. Our goal is to allow anyone who can’t afford the game a chance to try the game for free before buying it. Players who want to enjoy the full functionality of the game (e.g. being able to join official servers) should purchase a premium account from the official Minecraft store.

In addition to a free alternative, we have a blog, server lists, other downloads like mods, as well as guides for the game to help you learn how to play. Feel free to share this site with anyone who you think would like to play Minecraft by using the social bar on the left hand side of this page.