A Notch In Time

April 30, 2013

Markus Notch is currently the world’s 2nd most influential person in Time’s 100 poll, and I can’t really argue with him being on the list at all. A lot of people would question a video game creator being on a list of influential people, especially when it’s made by Time, and for the most part, I’d agree with them. However, Minecraft & Notch have once again proven themselves to be the exception. Both are different in the terms of what they are.

Not only has Minecraft created a community filled with very creative people, creating amazing things and sometimes branching out and making their own games, but Notch himself is a great person outside of his role in the game. Notch promotes piracy of his own game, Notch made it as an independent game developer and has given hope to any of the small people trying to do what he did. Not only that, but I’ve seen Minecraft related references in almost everything at this point. Minecraft has hit that peak where even people who don’t play games that much or at all know what it is, kind of like Angry Birds, except way better.

And frankly, he deserves it. I’d rather see a person like Notch make the list than someone from this faux pop culture society be deemed “influential” when they really aren’t and won’t be remembered in 10- 20 years, like Justin Bieber or something. Justin Bieber doesn’t influence anyone, except dumb girls to make dumb mistakes and regret the things they thought they found good when they were a teenager years later. Notch has influenced people, Notch’s game has influenced people, and frankly it’s time we allowed more people like Notch to be this influential.

Not enough people are creative, or bold enough to go and do art on their own. Amanda Palmer said it best, “Stop pretending art is hard”, and she and Notch have proved it really isn’t. As long as you believe in what you’re doing, and can get it done–even if it doesn’t influence that many people–but you like the outcome, and you’ve created art. Just by scrolling through YouTube videos of people playing Minecraft, you can see the creativity and imagination that has flowed out of hundreds if not millions of people who’ve played the game; creating incredibly detailed things, incredibly amazing things that were time consuming, but they were so inspired that they felt it was worth it. That’s what influence is. Making someone test themselves. To be better. To be more. That’s what Notch has done with Minecraft, and this is why he needs to not only be on the poll, but be number 1.

Make it happen, Internet. Don’t let me down.

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